Community Partnerships

Breakfast Club of Canada

COBS Bread has partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada (The Club), an organization dedicated to making sure that children start their day with a complete and nutritious breakfast in a healthy environment, since 2014. Learn more about why breakfast programs are important and how Breakfast Club of Canada helps. 

Annual Fundraising Campaigns


Planning for our 2017 Breakfast Club of Canada campaign is underway! Stay tuned for more details coming soon. 


COBS Bread raised over $100,000 for Breakfast Club of Canada through the COBS Cares Fundraiser Weekend, where  $1 from every sandwich loaf sold at COBS Bread was donated to the Club! 

In addition to our Annual Breakfast Club of Canada fundraising campaign, our End of Day Giving program ensures that all product at the end of the day is donated to various charities throughout each community. 


From September 12 - 20, 2015, $1.00 from every Higher Fibre and Whole Wheat loaf was donated to The Club.

Together, our bakeries and customers helped us raise $76,005!  Our goal was to raise over $75,000 for The Club this year and we are so pleased to have exceeded our target.

We were also pleased to co-sponsor with JLL a family fundraising event on September 19 at Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver.  This event featured children’s activities including a petting zoo, a BBQ, a live band and more.  All proceeds from the corporate sponsorships and ticket sales were donated to the Breakfast Club of Canada.  The Spencer Creo Foundation matched our donation and with the match, this event raised $25,790!


From September 11 – 24, 2014, COBS Bread donated $1 for every Higher Fibre loaf sold to Breakfast Club of Canada during the Higher Fibre for Higher Learning campaign. COBS Bread bakeries across Canada raised $41,822. 


Since 2008, COBS Bread has supported Nutrikids, a volunteer Food, Nutrition and Health program founded by University of British Columbia students.

The students aim to educate consumers on healthy eating habits through health-related seminars and by visiting schools throughout the BC Lower Mainland.

If you would like to learn more about the program or have Nutrikids visit your school, please email or contact us through customer feedback.