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Class-Topping Toastie

Serves 1


COBS Bread White Loaf, sliced for sandwiches

1 small can Baked Beans
1 slice Cheese


1 small can Tinned Spaghetti (eg. SpaghettiO's)
1 slice Cheese

Spray olive oil


Fire up your jaffle iron.

Take two slices of COBS Bread White Loaf and fill with baked beans OR tinned spaghetti and top with a piece of cheese. Sandwich together.

Lightly spray the jaffle iron and toast the sandwich until cooked, cool on a paper towel, wrap in foil and place in your lunch box.

You’ll be too cool for school with this one!

(Note: If you wish to be too hot for school and have access to a microwave to re-heat, wrap the toastie in paper towel before microwaving for 1-2 minutes – it stops it getting soggy!)