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Monster Triple Decker Munch

Serves 4


COBS Bread Country Grain Loaf, sliced for sandwiches

4 tsp Mild American Mustard
100g Roast Beef, thinly sliced
4 tsp Whole-Egg Mayonnaise
4 slices Cheese
2 Tomatoes, sliced
1 Lettuce
1 Cucumber, sliced
1 Red Pepper, sliced


Take three slices of COBS Bread Country Grain Loaf and cut the crusts off. Spread one slice with mustard and add beef. Spread mayonnaise on a second slice and place on top. Add cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and pepper. Spread the last slice of bread with the mayonnaise and finish off the sandwich (make sure it’s mayonnaise side down!)

Your monster hunger pains will disappear when eaten!!