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Turkish Bread - A Tasty Twist on Entertaining

by User Not Found | May 13, 2013

Turkish Bread is a traditional, rustic loaf with a golden exterior and a light, airy texture. It is a great alternative to the standard entertaining breads (like baguettes); here are our suggestions on how you can incorporate Turkish Bread into your next gathering: 

  • Cut the loaf into diagonal strips and garnish with your choice of toppings like soft cheeses, smoked meats and fish and bruschetta or salsa.Try our Smoked Salmon Turkish Bread and Mixed Tomato Bruschetta recipes.
  • Tear the loaf into bite-sized pieces and pair with your favourite dips. We love Turkish Bread simply with oil and vinegar or with hummus.
  • Cut into strips and slice in half for a sandwich. Try our Grilled Veggie Sandwich recipe.

How do you like to eat Turkish Bread?

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  1. 1 Jack Clements 17 May
    Wow!  I can hardly wait to try some of your Turkish bread. I had some while I was in Turkey a few years ago and I loved it. I'll stop by your shop as soon as I can.