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Enter to Win A Napoleon Grill

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2013
This summer, leave the baking to COBS and spend your time toasting your buns in the sun…not in the kitchen.

To make this easy, we’re giving away 75 Portable Napoleon Grills on July 18, 2013.


Congratulations to Laura Catto from Edmonton who is the winner of our online Summer Giveaway contest! Happy grilling, Laura!


  1. 1 Diane 22 Jul
    hello all this cobs bread is so good and fressssssh, Its should be on everyones bucket list!
  2. 2 nadir habib 13 Jul
    Love cobs' breads, always fresh.
  3. 3 Darlene Dinya 10 Jul
    I love Cobs Bread and really think you need to expand to Burlington!!


    Hi Darlene!

    We'd love to come to Burlington! We're just looking for the right person to open a bakery there!


    COBS Bread
  4. 4 R.J. 04 Jul
    Please open a store in Burlington.  I didn't receive an acknowledgement for my contest entry. Hope that doesn't mean I did something wrong and my entry was rejected.


    Hi R.J.!

    We can't find your contest entry; please enter again! And we'd love to open a bakery in Burlington. We're just looking for the right person (!

    COBS Bread
  5. 5 Wilma Harrison 30 Jun
    Your lekkerbrot is my favorite. I know that ehen it's Cobs, it's tops!
  6. 6 Maneet Samra 24 Jun
    My daughters love the raspberry white chocolate scones.
  7. 7 Susan Robertson 20 Jun
    LOVE your scones!  :)  Need a BBQ fo sho!  :)
  8. 8 Sandy 20 Jun
    Excellent Breads!!!! Ty for the contest!!
  9. 9 Janis 17 Jun
    We could sure use a new BBQ to heat up your delicious bread!
  10. 10 Cynthia Nielsen 14 Jun
    Love all your fresh baked goodies:)
  11. 11 sandra 14 Jun
     I love that the food & bread are  baked and sold everyday fresh from  scratch . The dont have artificial colours and flavour& hardly any salt. we have not tried the  Pizza crust yet But want to try this too. Love their sweet buns & rolls .
     Would love to win a portable grill .We live by a lake & our grandchildren love to visit .We lost our daughter to cancer 2 years ago so family get  together's mean a lot to us 
  12. 12 Elizabeth lemiski 14 Jun
    Love all the breads especially the cinnamon buns. 
  13. 13 Bonnie Mosimann 14 Jun
    I like the staff at the Elbow location and love their fresh buns and bread, especially the cheese and chives buns
  14. 14 Mary Bailie 13 Jun
    Best bakery ever i
  15. 15 Young Ahkiam 13 Jun
    Great bakery! Love the Pana de Casa ......!!!
  16. 16 Jodie Mcgrigor 13 Jun
    The Chia Whole Wheat bread is the best bread in town and the cinnamon buns are the best buns I have ever eaten.
  17. 17 Ann Davis 13 Jun
    Would love a new grill to barbecue on. Love the apricot loaf.
  18. 18 Lorea tomsin 13 Jun
    Hmmm hmmm good
  19. 19 erna siperko 13 Jun
    love your bread +the baker
  20. 20 Charles Essex 13 Jun
    My grill was turned over be high wind and damaged. I really need a new one. My friends call me Chuck Wagon Chuck because I grill so much.
  21. 21 Gary Rose 12 Jun
    Love the fresh Chia bread and Whole wheat buns. We were so glad that one of your bakeries were built in our town. We recommend your bread shop to all our friends and family. The best fresh baked products around.
  22. 22 Andrea Matthews 12 Jun
    Love it that you donate so much of your bread to the schools in Victoria.
  23. 23 Karen Young 10 Jun
    I love the quality of your baked goods. Could really use a small grill for my patio. Thanks for the opportunity.
  24. 24 Alexander Tsotsos 10 Jun
    Cob's is the BEST Bakery Hands Down. I love eating Cob's Artisan Breads, they are always fresh and baked to perfection. Great crust and taste... If you have never tried Cob's Bakery, put it at the top of your Bucket List!!! Winning a new BBQ would be amazing as I would love to throw a BBQ for my Wife, Son, Neighbours, Friends from work and all the others that have been there for me. I've have had an infection (on my 3rd Super Bug) in my finger since Jan 5th, 2013 that has spread to my bones. The Doctors tell me I have 6-8 weeks to go before it hopefully goes away for good. No way better than to Celebrate with Cob's, Napoleon and Great Friends!!!
  25. 25 greg boncajes 09 Jun
    best bakery, fresh all the time.../
  26. 26 jen king 09 Jun
  27. 27 Ev. Harris 09 Jun
    Would love to win! The cinnamon buns are the best along with the
    white chocolate buns!

  28. 28 greg boncajes 08 Jun
    always fresh......... very clean, friendly  fruits loaf bread  .. the best bakery in town..Cobs No.1..

  29. 29 Susan Smith 08 Jun
    Its my first time with new Cobs.
  30. 30 Donna Ames 08 Jun
    My bbq is rusted and so old! We need a new one soooo badly! would love this for summer grilling  :)
  31. 31 Susan Heide 08 Jun
    We love Cobs bread and scones! They are the best!
  32. 32 allan santlla 08 Jun
    Every time I go home from work my daughter ask me to buy bread at cobs bread.she like it so much in any kind.
  33. 33 Lorna Penner 08 Jun
    How I need a BBQ---don`t have one just now but I like to entertain my friends,,with BBQ-burgers beef or chicken or steak on pay day!!!!  Love BOBS bread too!
  34. 34 G. Witham 07 Jun
    Nothing like bbq'd burgers with Cobb's Hamberger Buns!!!!  :)
  35. 35 Tracy 07 Jun
    is this for the contest ??


    You can enter the contest here:

    ~ April, COBS Bread
  36. 36 Skyla Chu 07 Jun
    I need to buy breads for next week tomorrow.....
  37. 37 Angie Turner 07 Jun
    Oh how I need a new BBQ.. We BBQ almost every night all season and this would be a great treat ofr our large family of 6 :)  Thank you for the opporotunity to enter and I HOPE I WIN ! I ,3 COBS BREAD ( and their cinnamon buns too lol) !
  38. 38 Brenda Horner 07 Jun
      Love Cobs here, loved Bakers Delight in Australia! So excited that I can enjoy the fresh tasting delights here as well.
  39. 39 Carrie Bourgette 07 Jun
    This would be fantastic for our picnic trips.