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Cool Off and Leave the Baking to us

by User Not Found | Jun 10, 2013
Summer is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to enjoying every last drop of sunshine!

Finding a balance between maximizing fun in the sun and eating nutritious meals can be a challenge. But luckily, it is possible! With a little inspiration and the right ingredients, you can create nutritious and packable meals in no time at all. 

We think buns are perfect for meals on the go. With a crunchy crust, a bun will protect your favourite sandwich toppings until you’re ready to eat them. Buns come in a variety of types that you can mix and match like Country GrainHigher Fibre and CHIA White. Not to mention, buns sit perfectly in your hand allowing you to eat and throw your bocce ball or find the perfect song for a sunny day.

We’re early birds by nature. We get up long before the sun does so we’re happy to bake fresh buns for you each and every day. Pop on by, grab a 6-pack of buns and be on your way.

Check out these quick recipes that will have you out of the kitchen and into the sun this summer:

Savoury Sliders 
Salmon Slammer
Turkey Bunwich

What are your favourite quick summer meals?

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  1. 1 heidi strom 13 Jun
    On hot days I make a chicken caesar, by barbequing chicken breasts on bbq and then when cooled, I add the cut up chicken to romaine lettuce and make caesar dressing and put some garlic bread on bbq and corn on the cob and we have a meal without heating up the house.