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Did you know? All of our products are baked fresh daily

by Local Marketing | Aug 01, 2013

COBS celebrates our 10 year anniversary this year! That’s 10 years or 3,650 days of baking fresh product each morning at every one of our bakeries for you and your family to enjoy!

As we approach our tenth birthday, we’d like to share 10 numbers that surprised even us!

406 – This is the number of tonnes of Canadian wheat delivered each and every week to the doors of our COBS Bread bakeries across Canada. Our wheat comes from Canadian farms and milled in Lethbridge, AB. From there, it goes into a sack stamped ‘COBS’ and is delivered to our 75 bakeries across the country.

1,080 – This is the number of ‘Cobbers’ across Canada who enjoy getting up early or staying back late to ensure all our customers are delighted by our breads and baked goods.

$388,000 – That’s the value of bread given away to local charities by the average COBS Bread bakery each year. We don’t sell day-old bread, so each COBS Bread bakery gives away all their unsold bread at the end of the day to local charities through our End of Day Giving program.

258 – This is the number of products in the COBS Bread recipe book. Our bakeries choose an interesting mix of products from our tried and true recipes and change it up every day.

19 – This is the number of COBS Bread franchisees who started off as an employee in a COBS bakery. A surprising 25% of our bakeries across Canada are owned or run by franchisees who made the successful leap from working in a COBS Bread store, to being proud local business owners as a COBS franchisees.

121,000 – That’s the number of poppy seeds in each of our Cape Seed loaves (give or take a couple of thousand – we didn’t count them all)! Made with 100% whole grain flour, our Cape Seed Loaf is packed with the goodness of nine different grains and seeds. It’s also very high in dietary fibre and preservative free.

$55,000 – This is the amount of money we raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada this year. Every year in May, COBS creates a special scone for Big Brothers Big Sisters and donates 50c from every scone sold during a special fundraising weekend. The money raised helps Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across Canada match more ‘Bigs’ and little ‘Littles’ providing them with the mentoring they need.

2:00 – This is the time when our dedicated bakers arrive at COBS bakeries, turn on the lights and start up the mixer. 2 AM! In the morning!

12 – That’s the number of hours we leave our Pane di Casa dough to rest each night. Our Pane di Casa is a traditional Italian-style bread; resting the dough for 12 hours before we shape and bake the loaf gives it an extra chewy texture and crunchy crust.

2,266 – That’s the number of Cinnamon Buns hand rolled by our bakers in COBS Bread bakeries every morning. Each Cinnamon Bun has exactly 4.5 layers of scroll to hold all the sticky goodness together.

What number do you find most surprising?


  1. 1 Deb 30 Aug
    absolutely the best breads EVER...My personal favourite is the Cape Seed bread...just wish we had a Cob's bread  here In Windsor, Ontario
  2. 2 Linda 22 Aug
    Love it all but my favs have to be Pane di Casa, Turkish bread (sesame seeds), and your cheesy/vegemite rolls (can't get them anymore though which makes me sad).  I loved Baker's Delight in Australia and now that you're here in Canada as Cobs I'm over the moon! :-)
  3. 3 Shelly Becker 17 Aug
    Your yummy store compares to no one, I love my shopping experience every time I try to decide to to take home for the family, will you ever try baking gluten free?, nothing out there is edible, Cobs can do this!!


    Hi Shelly,

    We're sticking to flour-based breads and baked goods for now. Thanks so much for your feedback! We're glad you choose COBS for your family!

    COBS Bread
  4. 4 Wendy 15 Aug
    $388,000 Of Bread Given Away! Keep Up the Great Work Cobs!