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Did you know? All of our leftover bread is donated to local charities

by Local Marketing | Aug 10, 2013

Community connections are engrained in our philosophy. From participating in local events to donating products for community gatherings, we simply love getting involved. One of our favourite community programs is our End of Day Giving program.

Each and every day, COBS bakers create freshly baked bread and goodies from scratch for you and your family to enjoy. At the end of the day, we donate any remaining products to local charities. Each bakery works with up to seven different charities! As we learned from our last blog post, that amounts to a donation of approximately $388,000 by each bakery to each of our communities.


Since 2003, we have donated more than $10 million to our communities.

And that’s something we’re really proud of!

Take a look at this video which follows our bread from the bakery to the community.

If you know of a local charity who could benefit from our End of Day Giving program, please encourage them to contact their local bakery.


  1. 1 Dave 20 Aug
    Yes, indeed...thank you & the Richmond Food Bank.
  2. 2 D Gallagher 16 Aug
    Keep up the great work !!  We need more companies like you...thank-you for all you give.