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We're Starting to Feel FESTIVE!

by Yvonne Y | Nov 20, 2013

The holidays have almost begun. Whether or not you have a hard and fast rule that says the holidays don’t start until the stroke of midnight on December 1st, or when that first bite of the Gingerbread Scone is taken, or even if it’s when you feel snowflakes on your tongue during the first snowfall, what better place to get swept up in the yule-tidal wave than Pinterest.

We've started our "We're Starting to Feel FESTIVE!"  Pinterest board and we've added a little something for everyone- take a sneak peak now, or wait until you allow yourself to feel a little extra jolly. 
Regardless of when your holidays officially begin, we hope that COBS Bread will be a part of your holiday tradition. It may be when you slice into your first Cranberry and Pistachio French Baguette and adorn it with warm brie at a soiree, or you fork the flaky crust of our Fruit Mince or Butter Tarts after a decadent holiday meal. These holiday favourites will be back sooner than you can roast chestnuts on an open fire, and will be here to stay throughout the holidays.

What makes you most excited for the holidays?