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#RiseandShine with Healthy, Delicious Bread

by Yvonne Y | Jan 17, 2014


This month, we are excited to feature some of our tastiest, healthiest breads: our Apricot Delight, CHIA Fruit, and Cape Seed loaves. They are packed with flavour, and a two-minute rendezvous with the toaster further intensifies the taste of each of these loaves--with the health benefits of each being an amazing bonus. Each are a high source of fibre and contain no added sugar or preservatives.

Apricot Delight and CHIA Fruit can easily be enjoyed without any toppings, but we won’t judge if you follow this recipe for Apricot Delight with Cream Cheese or even add a little honey to a slice or two of CHIA Fruit. The Cape Seed’s crusty sesame edge complements any sweet or savoury topping you chose to add. These are a few of our favourites- what are yours?

Rise and Shine Contest

We would love to know how you Rise and Shine with COBS each day and there are two ways to enter to win one of eight $25.00 gift cards!

1) Let us know on Twitter by tweeting to us @COBSBread with hashtag #RiseandShine and receive two contest entry ballots per tweet! (Max. one tweet per day.)


2) Share your favourite way to Rise and Shine with COBS by leaving a comment below and receive one entry!

Winners will be drawn on Friday, January 31st at 2pm PST.

Good luck!
January 31st, 2pm:

Thank you all for participating and sharing how you like to #Riseandshine with COBS Bread! You have amazing ideas (we got hungry reading this!) and we were overwhelmed with the response to this contest!

The winners are:

Chrysta Archer
Leona Hutton
Wendy Danford


  1. 1 Jess 31 Jan
    Love, love, love your cape seed bread sliced thickly and toasted with peanut butter.
  2. 2 Eileen 30 Jan
    Love to have warm scones with butter & some tea
  3. 3 Jess 30 Jan
    Whole wheat sesame toast with peanut butter is the best breakfast.
  4. 4 pat morgan 29 Jan
    One of my favourite Rise n shines is two slices of Cape seed bread toasted and spread with natural almond butter and blackcurrant jam with half a banana and a cup of coffee made with milk. Delicious start to any day!!
  5. 5 Elli B 29 Jan
    Definitely a chocolate croissant and an icy cold glass of milk! Rise and shine and smile! 
  6. 6 Kelly Burkholder 29 Jan

    love the sourdough toasted

  7. 7 Beth D 29 Jan
    I love starting my day warming up one of your cinnamon scones to enjoy with a little butter, and a hot cuppa. 
  8. 8 Cindy W 29 Jan
    I toasted up some Chia Fruit loaf this morning, topped with a little butter and it was a marvelous way to start the day!  Tasty!
  9. 9 Jody 29 Jan
    Apricot delight With plain cream cheese 
  10. 10 Jess 29 Jan
    Rise and shine with cape seed toasted bread and strawberry jam is so yummy.
  11. 11 Natalie 28 Jan
    With Chia Bread toast! Peanut butter and jelly!
  12. 12 Kelly Burkholder 28 Jan
    one word...Scone !!!
  13. 13 Jess 28 Jan
    chocolate raspberry croissant with a cup of coffee is so yummy
  14. 14 Cheryl 28 Jan
    I love your cinnamon scones, warmed with sharp cheddar on the side.
  15. 15 Sylvia 27 Jan
    I rise and shine with Cobs Cinnamon Buns and some iced coffee
  16. 16 Keri 27 Jan
     I love starting my day Chocolate chip Hot Cross Buns and coffee!  I can't wait for them!
  17. 17 Emily 27 Jan
    The Killaloe Sunrise Beavertail toast is my favourite creation, using Cobs' mini white loaf. Toasting, smothering in butter, shaking cinnamon sugar, and finishing off with a squeeze of lemon. Voilà! Killaloe Sunrise toast. 
  18. 18 Emily Talbot 27 Jan
    I attempt to recreate the Killaloe Sunrise Beavertail with Cobs' mini white loaf. Toasting, smothering in butter, shaking cinnamon sugar, and finishing it off with a squeeze of lemon.  Voilà! Killaloe Sunrise toast at its finest. 
  19. 19 jo 27 Jan
    favorite way to Rise and Shine with COBS is enjoying my Chia FlaxLoaf .Awesome taste
  20. 20 Jess 27 Jan
    Simply, a thickly sliced toasted whole wheat with sesame bread with butter and a latte is the best!
  21. 21 Jessica 27 Jan
    I love your Chia Fruit with a little bit of butter and a slice of Dutch Gouda cheese!
  22. 22 Rebecca 26 Jan
    Whole wheat flour loaf with peanut butter and honey
  23. 23 Kelly Burkholder 26 Jan
    Your Blueberry tealoaf is amazing !!
  24. 24 Jess 26 Jan
    Sesame whole wheat toast sliced thickly with butter - simple but delicious!
  25. 25 Jess 26 Jan
    Sesame whole wheat toast sliced thickly with butter - simple but delicious!
  26. 26 MCan @DEWcanDEW 25 Jan
    My fave is having a toasted slice of your Vienna Sourdough bread with melted butter. So good!
  27. 27 Tonya 25 Jan
    french toast
  28. 28 Jess 25 Jan
    A raspberry chocolate croissant with a cappuccino is heaven to me!
  29. 29 Kelly Burkholder 24 Jan
    Your double Chocolate scone is always great
  30. 30 Jess 24 Jan
    Love your Cape Seed bread toasted with peanut butter.
  31. 31 Jess 23 Jan
    Cape seed toasted bread with peanut butter - so yummy and filling.
  32. 32 Maria ortiz 23 Jan
    With your Cape Seed Loaf!
  33. 33 Judy Graschuk 22 Jan
    Any Cob's bread with seeds, toasted with butter and home made raspberry jam.
  34. 34 Kelly Burkholder 22 Jan

    I should say your sour dough bread toasted, but you butter tarts are great too !!!

  35. 35 Jackie 22 Jan
    I rise and shine with Cobs APRICOT LOAF toasted with butter and hot cup of coffee! :)
  36. 36 Robyn 22 Jan
    Cape seed loaf toasted with peanut butter.   Yum yum.
  37. 37 Tara 22 Jan
    My fav way to rise and shine is with any of your delicious scones with butter and a fresh cup of coffee.



  38. 38 Jess 22 Jan
    A slice of toasted whole wheat with sesame bread with natural peanut butter is an excellent breakfast.
  39. 39 Kelly Norman 21 Jan
    My favorite (so far!) is toasted Chia bread with real butter :). Delicious!
  40. 40 Carol Warawa 21 Jan
    I love plain cinnamon buns with a black coffee after picking the buns up from the bakery.......ah that aroma of the bakery!! 
  41. 41 Peggy Paziuk 21 Jan
    Toasted Cape Seed with chunky peanut!!
  42. 42 Rose Ardanaz 21 Jan
    A warm out of the oven cinnamon bun, with lots of icing!
  43. 43 Jess 21 Jan
    Love your cape seed bread toasted with peanut butter.  
  44. 44 Charlotte Brown 20 Jan
    Chia fruit loaf toasted with too much butter for me. My kids all love a treat with the chocolate croissants. They eat them in a flash. 
  45. 45 stacey G 20 Jan
    Banana and Peanut butter on toasted Cobs Rye bread! so good!
  46. 46 Rose Ardanaz 20 Jan
    A warm out of the oven cinnamon bun, with lots of icing!
  47. 47 chris mcallister 20 Jan
    rise and shine with bacon and egg sandwiches! Cobs bread freezes really well so there is always fresh bread in the house no matter what time of day it is.
  48. 48 Luba Kucharyshyn 20 Jan
    Toasted Vienna Sourdough with peanut butter and honey! Yummy!
  49. 49 Helen 20 Jan
    Two slices of thinly sliced cape seed loaf with peanut butter and ground flax seed. Or cape seed with avocado slices and flakes of salmon. Absolutely delectable!!
  50. 50 Jenny Lin 20 Jan
    love to start my day with a cinnamon bun!
  51. 51 Val Mitchell 20 Jan
    Cape Seed loaf is absolutely delicious!
  52. 52 Michelle Li 20 Jan
    Apricot delight with a wee bit of butter and topped with some aged cheddar is a perfect pairing and makes a fabulous addition to brunch!
  53. 53 Susan Cardy 20 Jan
    My favourite breakfast is two scrambled eggs and two slices of Sour Dough Vienna bread toasted.  Mmm Mmm
  54. 54 Jess 20 Jan
    a slice of your cape seed bead seed bread toasted with peanut butter is a fantastic breakfast.
  55. 55 Corrina Matei 19 Jan
    PB & J toast.  Every morning....
  56. 56 Elaine Lof 19 Jan
    I love the CHIA fruit just as it is because it helps me on my healthy lifestyle that does not include sugar. With a cup of tea or coffee that's all I need!
  57. 57 Rose Ardanaz 19 Jan
    fresh cinnamon buns on Saturday mornings
  58. 58 donna kline 19 Jan
    i love apricot delight with peanut butter
  59. 59 Michelle Conners 19 Jan
    We live on Pacific Street and my son and I walk up to Cobbs on Davie Street almost every day.  We buy the Apricot Delight, CHIA Fruit or Cape Seed loaves along with a treat (cinnamon buns, croissants, turkish bread) for the walk home.  We usually eat the bread as it is or toast it (love the CHIA Fruit toasted).  Either way it is delicious!  Sometimes we even use Apricot delight for french toast with berries on top in the mornings.
  60. 60 Jess 19 Jan
    Cape Seed toasted bread with peanut butter.
  61. 61 Kelly Elliott 19 Jan
    cinnamon scone and a cold glass of milk - delicious!
  62. 62 Catherine Brooks 19 Jan
    At our house we enjoy breakfast.  So breakfast is a variety of dishes, spinach omelette with cheese, turkey sausages or fish, like salmon cakes.  Naturally, this is accompanied with some delicious, healthy Cobbs bread as toast or as French toast sometimes.  The varieties make for great choices, something sweet like the chia fruit  loaf or something savoury like the olive bread.  It is all good and a great way to start our day.   Especially in the winter months!    Thanks Cobbs folks!    Regards,  Catherine and Robert
  63. 63 S Y Chase 19 Jan
    Toasted delicious specialty breads with just butter and a hot cuppa coffee!!!  Yumm!
  64. 64 Harold Crouch 19 Jan
    I like my cobs bread with peanut butter and marmalade 
  65. 65 Magg 19 Jan
    Sourdough bread! 
  66. 66 Laurel Thomas 18 Jan
    Nothing beats walking into a Cobs bakery for a morning Cinnamon roll! I can smell the deliciousness even before opening their door!
  67. 67 Andy Tsukumo 18 Jan
    Taking healthy and delicious food like Cobs Breads every day will be the one of best way to live longer, which also give us happier life with sense of enjoying life.
    I like Cobs breads.
  68. 68 Sylvia Giovinazzo 18 Jan
     Love Cobs bread, always fresh and tasty.
  69. 69 Arjun Rudra 18 Jan
    My favorite way to #RiseandShine is with a COBS Cheese & Ham Mini  Twisted delight and some scrambled eggs with an espresso
  70. 70 Joann 18 Jan
  71. 71 Petra 18 Jan
    I look forward to weekends when I can enjoy either toasted Cape Seed bread or Chia Fruit bread. These are my weekend favorites and a great way to start a relaxing morning.
    On Cape Seed toast, I enjoy some smoked salmon cream cheese. The two flavors (bread & cheese) go perfectly together.
    Chia fruit toast I enjoy just on its own, while hot. Delicious!
  72. 72 Karen 18 Jan
    We rise and shine with Cobs multi-grain seeded bread toasted and spread with roasted soya butter (peanut allergy!!) and banana sliced on top!!!
  73. 73 maria 18 Jan
    There is a Cobs across the street from my work so i go there on my break!
  74. 74 Thomas Bell 18 Jan
    I like all the seeds and flavours in the Cape seed bread.
  75. 75 Nancy Bell 18 Jan
    I enjoy the apricot delight with butter and warmed.
  76. 76 Lynda Fenner 18 Jan
    I love to toast my COBS bread and have it with either marmalade or cream cheese in the morning and sometimes afternoon and evening too.
  77. 77 Valerie Smalley 18 Jan
    I regularly purchase the Cape Seed Loaf and enjoy eating a toasted thick slice topped with tomato and avocado for breakfast.  MY FAV !!!!!
  78. 78 Alisa 18 Jan
    My 5 kids love to melt cheese on the White bread before school eat morning. That or peanut butter or nutella.
  79. 79 Kim 18 Jan
    What fabulous incentive to rise and shine when I have a selection of yummy COBS scones in the house!
  80. 80 Jess 18 Jan
    delicious whole wheat with sesame toast with peanut butter
  81. 81 Karen Benacchio 18 Jan
    My favorite rise and shine option is making french toast with the Apricot Delight Loaf!!!
  82. 82 Rachel Wellington 18 Jan
    I always have a loaf of Cobs whole wheat bread handy and every morning enjoy a slice or two toasted with honey and cinnamon and a hot cup of tea.  Such a relaxing way to begin the day.
  83. 83 Meredith 18 Jan
    We love the apricot bread toasted with peanut butter or Laughing Cow cheese. It's also quite good made into grilled cheese with white cheddar.
  84. 84 Ron Payne 18 Jan
    Rising & shining usually includes Cobs bread, real butter and a jam/jelly preserve home kitchen-made by our friend Sandra and graciously given as a Christmas gift.  Tasty...
  85. 85 Garnet Leib 18 Jan
    Warmed in Microwave & buttered liberally
  86. 86 Nancy Wu 18 Jan
    When I wake up in the morning I'm usually in a rush, so COBS bread is a great way for me to have a quick, but delicious and healthy breakfast. My favourite is popping two slices of Apricot Delight loaf into the oven and then spreading some peanut butter over them. Served with milk, it's such a wonderful little blessing every morning.
  87. 87 Sheron Jonzon 18 Jan
    I live about a block away from a COBS so I often go down and pick up some goodies for breakfast...some of our favorites are the cinnamon buns, spinach &feta twists, or fresh loaf of Country Grain. Yum!
  88. 88 Allison 18 Jan
    Cobbs Whole Wheat Bread , sliced thick with warm jelly or almond butter is my delicious way to start my morning ! Yum !!!
  89. 89 judith gorman 18 Jan
    Apricot Delight is my favourite bread when I want a treat. The only problem is that it is so delicious, I can't stop eating it and have been known to eat almost an entire loaf in one sitting. Hard to stop myself.
  90. 90 Laura Evans 18 Jan
    I have tried all three Rise and Shine breads and enjoy the CHIA fruit bread the best.
    In the morning while lightly toasting two slices to bring for breakfast I, can't resist taking a slice and just eating it plain with nothing on it. I put either peanut butter or cream cheese on it to bring to work.
    Thanks for making such great bread!!
  91. 91 Edna Vaines 18 Jan
    Cobs Cape Seed loaf is the best way to start the day.  The aroma from the toaster wakens my taste buds!
  92. 92 Laura Harper 17 Jan

    Love the apricot raisin bread toasted in the morning with a little butter. Hard to stop at
    2 pieces.
  93. 93 Deborah Sproule 17 Jan
    I don't eat bread in the morning, only my porridge, but lunch time is when I Rise and Shine with Cob's bread!  I have a slice toasted with butter and some lovely extra sharp cheddar cheese; the two are a delicious combo.  We buy all our bread from Cob's and often try many of the delicious treats as well!

  94. 94 Julia Nicholls 17 Jan
    With a warm cinnamon bun.
  95. 95 Heather Ritz 17 Jan
    great place for a healthy breakfast
  96. 96 Jim Sproule 17 Jan
    How do I Rise and Shine with Cobs each day? Every morning, along with my porridge, I have two slices of COBs Country Grain bread, toasted.  I have it with my homemade marmalade, and boy is the combination amazingly delicious!!   Every so often I treat myself to having the Cape Seed Loaf instead, so wonderfully tasty.   I love Cob's bread!!
  97. 97 Jenny Legg 17 Jan
    Our mornings always Rise and Shine with Cobs; whether it's topped with eggs, cream cheese or tomatos. We continue to shop Cobs because my daughters health counts on a no added soy product. So many people with severe peanut allergies have a hard time finding a bread with no legumes (soy bean).
    Our Nanaimo location has the nicest employees anywhere.
    Thank you,
  98. 98 claire 17 Jan
    Fresh cobbs crossants with homemade butter and homemade jam and a cuppa tea
  99. 99 Priscilla 17 Jan
    I love having a slice of CHIA fruit with a cup of tea! 
  100. 100 Brenda Hyde 17 Jan
    I like to eat my chia fruit bread plain, right out of the bag.  I would eat it for all three meals if it wasn't so expensive.
  101. 101 Beverly Coe 17 Jan
    The best breakfast ever is a soft boiled egg on a toasted thick slice of cobs sourdough bread, yum.
  102. 102 Linda 17 Jan
    Love the products at Cobs
  103. 103 Bobi Lively 17 Jan
    Every morning I toast two slices of Cobs Cape Seed bread and spread them with almond butter topped with sugar free blueberry jam & cinnamon. 
  104. 104 Am 17 Jan
    I #riseandshine with my homemade jam on chia white bread. 
  105. 105 Ann 17 Jan
    I love cape seed bread! I eat it EVERY morning with peanut butter! It just isn't breakfast without my cape seed bread. My company loves it and always asks what the Yummy bread is and where can they buy some :)
  106. 106 lois Carry 17 Jan

         How about Cape Seed bread grilled with 3 cheeses - delicious!  Nutricious to boot!
  107. 107 lois carry 17 Jan
       I live on Cape Seed Bread with Peanut Butter and Honey - the old fashioned way!
  108. 108 Sylvia Bocacao 17 Jan
    The  first time I tasted bread from Cobs I liked it already.  I will always make sure to buy bread from Cobs.
  109. 109 Laura Lys 17 Jan
    I Love the Apricot Delight and Chia Fruit bread  so much that I take a loaf every second wednesday to Rickeys Restaurant and they make it for me. They've been doing my toast for years because I've been going to the restaurant for 42 years. I don't like there breads so they let me take mine. So thankyou for making the best bread ever.Laura LYS
  110. 110 Jean Holder 17 Jan
    The most decadent thing I can think of to do is to buy a loaf of Cobs' white sandwich bread,
    bring it home, stick two pieces in the toaster and when they are done, smother them with butter and marmalade and sit on the chesterfield watching Dragon's Den while devouring a feast!  (Who says you can't be decadent at 84?)

  111. 111 Kim Godidek 17 Jan
    We like the chia bread for toast in the morning.  Nothing fancy, just good.
  112. 112 Marilyn McCulloch 17 Jan
    I top the Chia Fruit bread - slices lightly toasted with Greaves Apricot Jam. I savor every bite. 
  113. 113 Marilyn McCulloch 17 Jan
    I enJOY the Cape Seed loaf -- lightly toasted, topped with a slathering of Greaves Rhubarb - Strawberry Jam. Your breads & other treats are delicious! 😘
  114. 114 Jacquie Hess 17 Jan
    Peanut butter on rye bread.
  115. 115 Marilyn McCulloch 17 Jan
    I enJOY the delicious Apricot Log - lightly toasted slices topped with my homemade Lemon Curd. The mingling of flavors is music to my palate! 😘
  116. 116 Sherry Cooney 17 Jan
    We love the Cape Cod bread, toasted and buttered.  Adding Kelowna gathered honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. This is a morning richtual never to be broken.  Love Cobbs!! Best store in town by far.  
  117. 117 Aleta Giddings 17 Jan
    My absolute favourite Cobb's way to start the day is with my absolute favourite Cape Seed Loaf  done up as French toast. Just mix some cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup in with the eggs, then soak the thick slices in it and cook and devour. Mmmmm
  118. 118 Rachelle 17 Jan
    I rise and shine with COBS' delicious white chocolate raspberry scone! Mhmm good.
  119. 119 Ruth Lougheed 17 Jan
    One of my favorite Cobs breakfasts is country grain bread toasted and topped with mashed avacado seasoned with lemon and salt and pepper , topped with hard boiled or soft boiled eggs .
  120. 120 Leona Hutton 17 Jan
    I start my mornings with Apricot Delight bread toasted, and home made strawberry jam, delicious!
  121. 121 Elke Van Hout 17 Jan
    I enjoy the apricot delight toasted and with a little bit of creamy butter. Hmmm!!! I even eat it that way instead of eating a cookie!
  122. 122 Monique L.S. 17 Jan
    I like to Rise and Shine with a COBS Cinnamon Bun. Warm, gooey and delicious.
  123. 123 Tina Thomas 17 Jan
    my favourite way to rise and shine with cobs is their cinnamon bun
  124. 124 Nancy Sobchuk 17 Jan
    Love your Apricot Delight!
  125. 125 Oriana 17 Jan
    I love to rise my day with two delicious slices of Apricot Delight toasted with lots of butter!
    On the weekends the Chia Fruit Loaf French style Toasted is the energy I need for the day!
  126. 126 wendy danford 17 Jan

    Rise and Shine the old fashioned way. Toast the bread, and spread with heart healthy margarine . Especially good when the fruit is toasted.

  127. 127 brian myziuk 17 Jan
    Having any Cobs Bread for breakfast makes a great way to Rise and Shine.
  128. 128 Trish Elliott 17 Jan
    slightly warmed up cinnamon scone and a nice cup of coffee - wow!
  129. 129 Donna 17 Jan
    Cape Seed bread with crunchy peanut butter is my favourite!
  130. 130 gail whitworth 17 Jan
    nothing better on a sunday morning than a leisurely breakfast of lightly buttered apricot log and a steaming hot cup of Earl Grey tea.
  131. 131 wendy holden 17 Jan

    My favorite cobs bread in the morning is apricot delight.I like it toasted plain then

    I can add natural peanut butter and sliced bananas.For me this is a healthy option

    as I am diabetic and a sugar free bread is a excellent choice.

  132. 132 john filax 17 Jan
    Your white regular bread is awesome and worth the trouble to go out of the way for!!!!!
  133. 133 Debra page 17 Jan
    Apricot delight sliced thick and used for making French toast, absolutely my favorite hands down!
  134. 134 Katie Mei 17 Jan
    COBS is the only bakery that we shop ! Thanks cobs
  135. 135 Vanessa giulitto 17 Jan
    Apricot delight toasted with almond butter and apricot with a glass a verve champagne!  Perfect late  Sunday breakfast!
  136. 136 Lynn Coules 17 Jan
    I like to toast a slice of Chia Fruit Bread and smother it with almond butter!
  137. 137 Chrysta Archer 17 Jan

    The very best way to rise and shine is with a white chocolate raspberry scone...and coffee.

  138. 138 Jess 17 Jan
    delicious bread with peanut butter
  139. 139 Darlene 17 Jan

    My husband was nuts about your cape seed bread.  He said he'd rather have cape seed than a cookie!  When we went on vacation, he was sure to take a few loaves, and extra to share.  He didn't ever want to be without, so we always kept extra in our freezer.

    Unfortunately, he passed away a few months ago. Recently, I thawed a loaf and decided to eat it myself.  I'd forgotten just how good and healthy it really is!

    I love spreading a thick slice with coconut oil, and topping it with egg (any style); adding tomatoes and avocado on the side.  Using spice with dill or cheese make great variations.

    Thanks for offering such a wholesome bread.  Love that cape seed!


  140. 140 Barb Doughty 17 Jan
    I love toasted apricot fruit bread for a special rise and shine treat!   
  141. 141 Lynn Rebner 17 Jan
    I buy a lot of your bread and enjoy them all.  I especially love the fruit bread with the taste of cinnamon .  I love that all the bread is like homemade.  My Dad had several bakeries in Victoria a lot of years ago, I appreciate a good product.  Lynn
  142. 142 marcy 17 Jan
    I love to Rise and Shine with a slice of Cape Seed and peach jam.  A healthy way to start the day during the winter with a taste of summer (peach jam).
  143. 143 PAT 17 Jan
    My morning always starts with a slice of Cape Seed toast!  We found it in Australia where it originated at got our Australia friends hooked on it as well!
  144. 144 Jean Ferguson 17 Jan
    My favourite way to rise and shine with COBS is on a leisurely summer's morning, no work to go to and breakfast at home on the deck ... fresh healthy Cobs bread, croissants and marmalade, a pot of coffee and loving company.  
  145. 145 Kelly Burkholder 17 Jan

    Our weeknd routine is Cobs bread every sat and sunday...a fresh rasberry white choc scone !!!

  146. 146 Lisa 17 Jan
    We love the cinnamon bread to make french toast. Vanilla extract is added to the beaten egg mixture with a dash of salt and pepper and some milk. 3 thick slices soak up the egg mixture then fried up with lots of butter to make a crispy outer coating. Enjoy with strawberries and a dusting of powdered sugar.
  147. 147 Dolores Stevens 17 Jan
    We ALWAYS have a loaf of your moist and delicious Apricot Delight bread, sliced and ready to serve from the freezer. When guests drop in they are treated to tea and freshly toasted and buttered, or cold and buttered, (depending on time of the year) Apricot Delight.
    Next day I restock.

    Our "Rise and Shine" favourite is  your CHIA wholewheat loaf. This will accompany an egg breakfast, or often a couple of slices with jam and butter does the trick.

    Thanks for making such a great variety of baked goods. Don't know what we did before
  148. 148 Tony Southwell 17 Jan

    Each day I enjoy one or two slices of whole wheat Cobs bread, toasted. Although I buy enough bread at any one time and freeze some, I must say my preference is to enjoy the bread fresh from my local Cobs.

    For a treat, occasionally I buy the Apricot loaf and consume it without any topping!!

  149. 149 Julie Jarvis 17 Jan
    I look forward to buying enough bread that l get a free loaf...when l do l treat myself to a Cape seed loaf! I LOVE those loafs.
  150. 150 Ann Moxley 17 Jan
    Apricot delight is the BEST way to make French Toast.  Simply use it, when you make French Toast.  You don't want to add Cinnamon or any other spices, the Apricot and other inclusions come alive when  coated in the Egg/Milk and put into the frying pan.  Try it, you'll love it....especially on a weekend Morning...
  151. 151 vicki 17 Jan
    I rise and shine every morning with a juice and Cobbs chai bread with coconut oil spread on it mmmmmmm...
  152. 152 Sandra 17 Jan
    I like my Cape Seed bread toasted with butter and Vegemite 
  153. 153 Wendy 17 Jan
    My favourite way to rise and shine with COBS is to cut a thick slice of your Challah bread and turn it into the perfect piece of French Toast! Yum! 
  154. 154 Rose 17 Jan
    I love early morning cinnamon buns with a cup of coffee
  155. 155 bobbie joyce 17 Jan
    Cobbs has many wonderful breads.  My favorite loaf is cape seed. The cinnamon buns and pumpkin scones yummy! I dont usually eat white bread but I was impressed with the white sesame loaf.
  156. 156 Linda 17 Jan
    I enjoy all of the cobs bread because it is baked fresh every day. I also appreciate that all goods left at the end of the day is donated to charities. I have made french toast with the chia fruit. Delicious!!!!
  157. 157 Vangi court 17 Jan
    Apricot..lightly toasted, with yogurt and chau tea....sometimes a taste of Brie.....mmmmmmm!
  158. 158 RUTH MASON 17 Jan
    Love the Apricot  delight  toasted with sumuckers straberry jam  so yummy
  159. 159 Cindy Procter 17 Jan
    Cobs bread gives me a great start in the morning,, I love a good bacon and tomato sandwich on lekkerbrot bread..
  160. 160 Sandra Sumlak 17 Jan
    I start the day with a cup of hot tea & slice of bread from @COBSbread toasted with Peanut Butter and a banana #RiseAndShine
  161. 161 Colleen 17 Jan
    Cobbs bread has a special place in my heart for how generous they are to many hungry folk DTES where I work.  Every week I am grateful to you.  Thank you and many bkessings to you.  XO
  162. 162 Holly McKay 17 Jan
    We start every morning with a piece of chia whole wheat toast and peanut butter.  Sometimes the chia fruit toast with peanut butter - both are awesome.
  163. 163 Donna Maroulis 17 Jan
    Lightly toasted Apricot loaf , plain , or with cinnamon cream cheese spread. And a rich creamy Caramel Macchiato coffee.
  164. 164 Neil MacLean 17 Jan
    Rise & shine with Cob's bread spread with peanut butter, topped with crispy slices of bacon.

  165. 165 Kim Ball 17 Jan
    Your bread is WONDERFUL! I just wish you had branches in the U.S.A.  We winter in Arizona, and although I pack 4 loaves in our luggage to take down with us, it doesn't last long when our friends find I have some. It's gone in a flash.
  166. 166 Bill Elliott 17 Jan

    A cinnamon scone with dark coffee - a great way to start the day!

  167. 167 Dawn Carman 17 Jan
     Loved Apricot Delight as French toast with or without a few raspberries. Also it is delicious toasted to accompany scrambled eggs. Cobs breads are THE BEST!!!
  168. 168 Charlene Daniel 17 Jan
    We love your apricot, chia and cape seed loaves for delicious healthy eating but my husband and I delight in treating ourselves to your luscious cinnamon buns every so often. There's nothing like heading over to a COBS on a Saturday morning, purchasing two cinnamon buns WITH icing and then we sit in our vehicle in the COBS parking lot and enjoy them to the fullest. We couldn't possible leave your parking lot without eating those buns first and then we're totally happy and can start the rest of our day. Thanks for a wonderful product and an enjoyable Saturday morning treat after a very busy work week.
  169. 169 Margo McGann 17 Jan
    I like to try different breads each morning.  If there is one that stands out it is toasted apricot. 
  170. 170 Phil Jarvis 17 Jan
    Chia fruit bars are great to put in my golf bag, please keep on making them!
  171. 171 Sophie 17 Jan
    Love waking up to my coffee and apricot delight to start my morning off !!!
  172. 172 Margaret Lalonde 17 Jan
    I enjoy a slice or 2 of the apricot bread toasted with peanut butter in the morning with my OJ & cup of coffee.☕️☕️☕️😊
  173. 173 Lisa 17 Jan
    Cobs cinnamon bun dipped in a double double coffee is the perfect way to wake up on a Sunday morning :P
  174. 174 Darko Babic 17 Jan
    Toasted Vienna Sourdough with fried eggs. The best breakfast pairing.
  175. 175 Terry Wong 17 Jan
    Cape Seed Loaves
  176. 176 Carol 17 Jan
    Cape seed with home made Blackberry Jam...Awesome
  177. 177 Angela Brown 17 Jan
    My favorite way to #riseandshine is to enjoy peanut butter on toasted Chia Fruit loaf, delicious! Then hit the gym:)
  178. 178 Emily frederick 17 Jan
    We rise and shine with a Cobs chocolate croissant. Yummy!!
  179. 179 janny 17 Jan
    By eating it!! :D
  180. 180 Diane johnson 17 Jan

        We just love apricot delight toasted and slathered with butter. Yum
  181. 181 Jennifer C aka @JusticeSadie 17 Jan
    CapeSeed loaf toasted with Peanut Butter and a Smoothie #RiseAndShine
  182. 182 Radhika Khan 17 Jan
    Cape Seed loaf with raspberry jam and earl grey tea