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Behind the Bread: Julia Turchet at COBS Grasslands in Regina

by Yvonne Y | Jun 17, 2014

"What matters most to me in my life is nourishing my family."

This quote is the perfect reflection of our newest bakery owner Julia. Her family is her number one priority, and that feeding them love, laughter, and quality food is of the utmost importance. We are honoured that Julia and her husband Rick chose to open COBS as a family business. Below, Julia shares a little more about why she chose COBS.

Why COBS Bread?

Wholesome Food

"My family is most important to me. Providing wholesome, natural foods is essential to our health and wellness. COBS Bread uses whole grain flour, high quality ingredients and scratch baking techniques. This, combined with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients makes this bread something I want to bake and share with the ones I love. Simple, healthy, freshly made eating! What could be better?"

Fresh Every Day:

"My husband grew up in an Italian home, and I grew up in an Italian-Irish home; in both households, home-made food was part of our everyday life. Much of our food was even home-grown in backyard gardens! We both still practice this way of life as much as we can. Rising very early to make fresh baked bread from scratch each day reminds me of being a happy, healthy, energetic kid in a loud and loving family! Why not pass on that good vibration to our community each day?"

COBS Philosophy of End of Day Giving:

"I fully respected this wonderful franchise upon learning about its commitment to the community through donating its unsold bread at the end of the day. Knowing that our family gets to recognize and support Regina community charities, to donate all of the bread left over at the end of the day where it is needed just makes me feel good. I know that those in need will also be nourished with high quality, fresh bread. It is a win-win."

Quality Guaranteed:

"Because it’s handmade from scratch, sometimes our bread doesn’t turn out. If that’s the case, we don’t sell it. If it isn’t good enough for my family, I won’t sell it to you."

COBS Grasslands is opening on Friday, June 20th with a Community Day where 100% of sales will be donated to SOFIA House. The official Grand Opening will be Saturday, June 21st- Julia and Rick look forward to meeting you and bringing COBS to the Regina community from 7am – 7pm, 7 days a week.



  1. 1 Trish 19 Jun
    Came a day early and enjoyed meeting you Julie.  Thanks for the sample of the raisin, current and apricot bun.  A great introduction to your breads - I'll be back soon!
  2. 2 Carol Eaton 17 Jun
    Welcome to Regina.  We have long awaited the arrival of COBBS in Regina.  We visit the stores in EDMONTON and CALGARY regularly.  Very excited to know you are FINALLY here!  Good luck ..... 
  3. 3 Teana 17 Jun
    Congrats to Julie and Rick. 
    I'm so excited for your new store to open. Not only will Regina have a new experience of home style fresh bread they will also receive some old school amazing family service.