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Quiz: How do you "roll"?

by Yvonne Y | Jul 11, 2014

The grill is sizzling. The veggies roasting. The toppings are prepared and it is almost time to assemble what will be a succulent burger... but which roll will support, enhance, and amplify the glory that will be the first bite?

Will it be our Ciabatta Roll, with its delightfully crunchy crust?

Or will you venture to try the Turkish Roll- a rustic bun topped with flavourful herbs?

Perhaps the hearty Long Continental Roll is the one for you.

Let us help you decide which of our delicious Artisan Rolls are right for your summertime tastebuds! ! Take our "How Do You Roll?" quiz!

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  1. 1 Baljit mann 14 Jul
    ciabatta for the burger
    Trukish roll for the rolled sandwich and
    The Artisan Rolls fr the dips and open sandwiches