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What Makes Sourdough Authentic?

by Yvonne Y | Jan 07, 2015

The full taste, the satisfying crunch, the chewy texture. A perfectly authentic Sourdough is the result of an ongoing, time sensitive, involved 20-hour process, and what makes an authentic Sourdough so desirable and so delicious. At each and every COBS Bread bakery, you will find a baker that puts the same level of love and care into making a hearty, healthy, flavourful, truly authentic Sourdough. Check out our fun infographic for an overview of the process!


  1. 1 Monika 19 Jan
    Sourdough is the best!  LOVE IT EVERY DAY!
  2. 2 Leslie Nemez 19 Jan
    Your sourdough is healthy and delicious, cannot stop eating any of your breads, the BEST.
  3. 3 Vickie 17 Jan

    Sourdough works well with stronger meats like bison, or venison. 

    We Love it. 

  4. 4 Bobbie 16 Jan
    My favourite is the apricot bread!  Love the sourdough too!
  5. 5 Louise 16 Jan
    I love your sourdough bread--and the buns.  Absolutely yummy.
  6. 6 Ena 16 Jan
    Love all the bread that COBS make.
  7. 7 Keanu craig 16 Jan

    Whole Wheat Sourdough??? I'm definitely in? 
  8. 8 Mabel 15 Jan
    It tastes great!!! I also love the wholewheat sourdough, it's a great addition to your delicious breads .