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Regina's Julia and Rick: One bakery is fun, but TWO is better!

by Yvonne Y | Jun 12, 2015

In this edition of "Behind the Bread," you might experience some déjà vu. That is because almost one year ago, almost to the day, we shared the story of Julia and Rick who were opening their first bakery, and COBS Bread's first bakery in Regina at Grasslands Shopping Centre.

Now one year and thousands of loaves later, Julia and Rick are opening their second bakery in North Regina on Rochdale Boulevard and they let us know how they are feeling about it!

YES – Yippee – we are officially opening our second COBS Bread bakery in Regina.

Our “almost” year of experience baking fresh bread daily from scratch has been fulfilling.  Most impressive to us was our reception in the Regina market.

Regina-ites are just as keen to eat wholesome foods as Rick and I.  Our handmade breads, savouries and sweets are created daily. The daily tweaks we make to each item is what makes creating and making the breads unique as we really do create each item.

Our array of breads choices continues to expand as we learn what Regina likes. Baking with the city in mind keeps us on our toes as this definitely is a city of a refined palate.

COBS Bread continually sources high quality ingredients which helps make the bread absolutely delicious. There are no additives and added preservatives in our bread which really allows us to be the daily stop for fresh bread anytime of the day. 

For all these reasons, Rick and I decided to join the COBS family and share this wonderful store once again with Regina. Our team is energized and friendly, we have fun creating and providing a COBS experience for our customers- we love doing what we do. 

COBS Regina North will be opening its doors on Friday, June 19th with Community Day, where 100% of sales from that day will be donated to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation to assist in purchasing equipment for the pediatric centre. We look forward to seeing you there!


  1. 1 carol 13 Jun
    Love your baking, breads and treats.  Wish it was east Regina you were coming to.  However, I will still come and visit when I can.
  2. 2 Brenda 13 Jun
    Sure would like to see one in east Regina.  Love the high fiber bread and buns.
  3. 3 Marcella 12 Jun
    Where is the Grasslandsshopping Center
    Hi Marcella! It is 4620 Gordon Rd. The new bakery will be on Rochdale Ave. 
  4. 4 Joan 12 Jun
    Where is the north store?
    Hi Joan,
    The address is 3959 Rochdale Blvd.
    Hope to see you there!