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Every Baker Has a Story: David, COBS Bread's Technical Baker

by Yvonne Y | Aug 26, 2015

Meet David. He is the Technical Baker for COBS Bread. He helps develops recipes, improves current recipes, visits our bakeries across the country to ensure product consistency, all the while also scheduling and organizing COBS Bread baking competitions to help keep our baking skills extra sharp. He is a passionate baker and so much more. Take a minute to learn a little bit more about what gives this baker that special glint in his eye!

What is your favourite part about being COBS Technical Baker?

I really enjoy coming up with new recipes. Sometime I feel like a mad scientist as I try to come up with different flavour combinations and push the limits of what can be mixed into a loaf of bread. Another aspect that I love about this role is teaching. I love teaching the next generation of bakers all the fine points of the craft and how to get an awesome looking -and tasting- loaf of bread.

What gives you inspiration to bake new products? Where do you get your ideas?

Inspiration comes from all sorts of different places. It could be something that I saw online or in a recipe book. Ideas also come from other people. We could be talking casually and someone says something and that evolves into a bigger idea. Also, I just love bread and the ability you have to get lots of flavour out of it only using very simple ingredients.

Name your top 5 dinner party guests-It can be anyone, dead or alive.

Jeffery Hamelman (Bakery Director at King Arthur's Flour), Peter Reinhart (American Baker, Educator, and author), Raymond Calvel (bread expert and professor of baking at ENSMIC in Paris, France), my wife, and James Herriot (British veterinary surgeon and author).

If you could only choose one item to bake for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

Sourdough. The reason why is that there are so many different variables that can leave you forever searching for the “perfect loaf”. A small change can drastically change the end product.

If you hadn’t become a baker, what would you be doing?

I would be an accountant; I love numbers and working with them. It is kind of the same as baking as you need all the numbers to line up just right for your end product to turn out.

What are some of your hobbies?

Baking (surprise), working with chocolate, playing with my kids, and gardening.

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  1. 1 Louise 27 Aug
    "A man after me own 'eart!"   I love sourdough for the same reason.  I see the connection between numbers and baking.  Love James Herriot and would like to be invited to tea with him too.Love Cobs bread too.  Good goin'