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Make Your Own Franken-Scone!

by Yvonne Y | Oct 27, 2015

Ok, so Franken-Scones may not exactly be scary, but they are a delicious treat your family is sure to enjoy this Halloween weekend.

Please note that Franken-Scones are not sold like this in our bakeries- they need to be constructed yourself... YOU must become the Dr. Frankenstein to the scones! (Insert booming sound of thunder and flickering lightning here.)

Steps to Make Franken-Scones:

  1. Purchase an assortment of scones from your local COBS Bread bakery.
  2. Ensure you have extra icing. (Make or purchase from your grocery store.)
  3. Slice scones in half.
  4. Decide which varieties you are going to combine.
  5. Spread icing on bottom halves.
  6. Put them together... and your FRANKEN-SCONES are born!

Get creative with the combinations- you may be surprised what your favourite flavour blends may be! (Disclaimer: Not all combinations are complementary!)

Back row: Cinna-kin (Cinnamon and Pumpkin), Pumpkin Booberry (Pumpkin and Lemon Blueberry), Double Choco-Berry (Double Chocolate and Berry White Chocolate)
Front row: Cinna-boo (Cinnamon and Lemon Blueberry), Choco-kin (Double Chocolate and Pumpkin)