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Holiday Appetizers - The multi-use Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette

by Kelsey D. | Dec 16, 2015

During December, there is always an unexpected group of guests or a last minute invitation where you need an appetizer. Or perhaps, like me, you know all along that you are having guests and still don’t plan ahead. Enter the COBS Bread Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette. This multi-use authentic baguette from our holiday line-up features crunchy pistachios and plump cranberries, making it a little bit sweet, without being overpowering. We’ve supplied some easy suggestions for a quick appie.

1) The Cheese Platter 
For our cheese platter we chose three cheeses that complimented the nuts and the sweetness of the cranberries: brie, Guiness cheddar and basil goat cheese. The cheese platter is always my personal favourite because it has high reward for little effort.

Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette Cheese Platter

2) The Baguette Boat

Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette, appetizer

 Traditionally, Sourdough Cobs are popular for hollowing out and filling with your favourite dip, but we have a new contender. The Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette’s crispy crust held its shape well when filled with a hearty artichoke dip, while the cut-out bread was saved as the perfect complement to scoop up that tasty dip. When the dip begins to run low, the baguette can be sliced for bites saturated with flavour. (This dish was picked clean in the office!)

Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette Appetizers 3) A drizzle of honey. 
Sometimes the simplest method pulls out the best flavours. A drizzle of honey paired well with both the cranberries with no accompaniments. Although we used brie in this picture, the sweetness was well-balanced out with a light spread of creamy basil goat cheese.
4) Melted Asiago Crostinis

For these crowd pleasers, we brushed angled slices of Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette with olive oil before toasting with flakes of Asiago. With the aroma of toasted baguette and asiago wafting through the office, we were lucky to even grab a picture before these crostini-style appies were gobbled up. 

5) On its own!

 We like to think the Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette is so good that you can serve it on its own! 

This season, many of our COBS Bread bakeries will be serving up tastings of the Cranberry Pistachio French Baguette so you can try it for yourself. Be sure to also check out the Gingerbread Scone and Fruit Mince Tarts as part of our holiday line-up, on sale until December 30. Find a local bakery.