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Sips and Scones

by Kelsey D. | Apr 22, 2016

When I think of scones, I definitely think of tea. But sometimes you want a scone and something a little stronger than tea. That’s why we’ve paired our top four selling scones with adult drinks that have a little more kick than tea! 

Lemon Blueberry Scone & MimosaLemon Blueberry Mimosa
Our Lemon Blueberry Scone combines refreshing lemon wild Canadian Blueberries. As the go-to scone for breakfast, its most obvious pairing is the mimosa. In a champagne flute (or wine glass in this case), pour in half a glass of dry sparkling wine and top with freshly squeezed orange juice. As an alternative to wine, use sparkling water.

Berry & White Chocolate & Gin Berry Lemonade
Berry White Chocolate, Berry LemonadeBaked fresh daily with raspberries and white chocolate chips, this scone is great for sunny afternoons and picnics. What goes better at a backyard picnic Gin Berry Lemonade! Pour 1.5 oz of gin over a glass of ice, throw in some frozen berries and top with lemonade. We used strawberries, but it would work even better with raspberries. 

Cinnamon Scone & Iced Coffee Cocktail
Cinnamon Scone, Coffee CocktailFilled with cinnamon flakes and topped with our own blend of cinnamon and sugar, our Cinnamon Scone is one of the favourite COBS Bread scones – and with good reason. It’s not too sweet and perfect for any time of the day. A great pick-me up in the afternoon, this cinnamon scone goes well with coffee, and a spiked version will kick up your afternoon a notch. Layer the bottom of a glass with sweetened condensed milk and fill with ice. Add a shot of vodka if you choose, then pour two shots of chilled espresso on top. Drizzle sweetened condensed milk on top for extra sweetness. 

Apple Pie Scone & Bourbon Vanilla Milkshake
Apple Pie Vanlilla milkshakeOur Apple Pie Scone is packed with pieces of Granny Smith apple and salted caramel. When looking for a drink to pair with our Apple Pie Scone, involving vanilla ice cream was a no-brainer. Blend togeter 1 cup vanilla ice cream, ¼ cup of milk, a few ice cubes and 1.5 oz of bourbon and pour into a glass. If removing the bourbon, add a splash more milk. This grown-up milk shake is the perfect compliment. I wouldn’t say no to dipping the scone right in the drink.

Alcohol is optional in all these drinks. Please drink responsibly.