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COBS Bread Winner Gets Grilling

by Kelsey D. | Jul 06, 2016

For the Grill of It Contest Winner

COBS Bread bbq winner

To kick off grilling season, last month we gave away 88 portable Napoleon Grills – one for each COBS Bread bakery! Some of our winners were kind enough to share their plans to use their portable Napoleon Grill this summer. Meet Glenn M. from Mississauga who won a grill from Meadowvale Town Centre.

Glenn likes to use COBS Bread buns for everything from a simple bun with butter snack to filling with his slow roasted smokey pulled pork or pairing with grilling favourites!

Glenn's Grilling Tips

1. Never put cold refrigerated meat right on the grill, let it warm up to room temperature first. 
2.   Always let your grill heat up fully before putting the meat on. 
3.  Don't flip your meat too often, be patient. 

I must confess I’m an eager flipper so I’ll have to keep Glenn’s tips in mind next time I’m on the grill!

Glenn’s Feta Stuffed Hamburgers

Glenn was also kind enough to share his favourite burger recipe!


Lean ground beef 
Bread crumbs 
Smokey BBQ sauce 
Garlic powder
Feta Cheese 1" cube 


Mix it all up, grab a a baseball sized handful of the beeg mix, insert the feta and pat down into a patty. Grill to perfection and wrap it up in a deliciously fresh and soft COBS Bread Bun. Enjoy!

One last tip from Glenn (which is especially applicable to me)!

Burger Hack (if you don't love the feel of raw ground beef squishing through your fingers)

  • Prepare the beef mixture 
  • Line a cookie sheet with wax paper 
  • Place the beef on the sheet and spread level with a spatula
  • Chill for about 45 minutes 
  • When chilled, cut lines through the beef with a knife to create perfectly formed rectangular patties. 

Thanks Glenn for your tips, recipe and picture! 

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