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by Kelsey D. | Sep 30, 2016

When you think of Oktoberfest, chances are, you think of beer. In addition to beer, music and carnival rides, an integral part of this annual festival is the food!

Oktoberfest is wrapping up this weekend but there is still time to throw your own celebration. 

German Rye Oktoberfest

Many of our bakeries rotate in a selection of German-style loaves throughout the week such as our German Rye

. For an easy Oktobferfest-inspired platter, slice your rye and serve with European Weiners and  as well as a selection of mustards. Don’t forget the kraut! Pictured above is German Rye, but watch for our Light Rye or Marble Rye Breads as well as Pumpernickel – all baked fresh from scratch.

Sourdough Roll with European Weiner

If your bakery doesn’t have German Loaves on the baking schedule this weekend, we recommend using Sourdough Rolls. Soft on the inside with a chewier crust, the rolls are perfect for filling with a wiener of choice as well as loading up with Saurkraut and mustard.

Apple Licous Oktoberfest

Finish off your meal with an Apple Licious. Different from a strudel, but just as worthy with a pastry baked from scratch, filled with apple bites and topped with a vanilla icing –you won’t miss it. Celebrating Oktoberfest solo? Opt for an Apple Custard Danish instead.

Find your local bakery to call ahead to check for availability of German Breads!