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National Sandwich Day - One of the Most Wonderful Days of the Year

by Yvonne Y | Nov 02, 2016

Here at the COBS Bread Support Office, we have noticed a few things when it comes to how people make their sandwiches. Some are creative. Some like to keep things simple. But no matter what, one thing is for certain- everyone has strong opinions when it comes to what belongs, what doesn’t belong, how it is constructed, cut, etc… in regards to their sandwiches. 

We sent out a survey to the COBS Bread support office team and asked them some particulars about their sandwiches. Here are the popular opinions of some sandwich aficionados!

What is your favourite COBS Bread sandwich bread?

With 24.9% of the vote, Cape Seed is the most popular! This bread is delicious and filling, containing 9 grains and seeds and made with whole grain flour. It tastes AMAZING toasted!

Turkish, Higher Fibre and Pane di Casa were all tied for second.

True or False: Crusts are awesome. 

87.5% of respondents said "YEAH THEY ARE! No crust, no sandwich. True." 

However, there are people in the world (and our office) who prefer crustless! What do you think? 

NOTE: The following question created quite the lively discussion.

Besides the bread, rank the sandwich components in order of importance: 

This is how it all shook out. Protein is the NUMBER ONE most important component of a sandwich!

We just love that there were people who wanted a third slice of bread. 

In three words, describe how you feel when you eat an amazing sandwich.

It was a lot of fun to read these responses. We decided to include all of them below, because they were so inspiring... even though some people did not adhere to the word limit! The word "satisfied" was definitely one of the most prevalent.

  • Like a champ!
  • Happy, healthy, full.
  • Nothing like it.
  • Nourished & healthy.
  • Fulfilled with satisfaction.
  • Nom nom nom
  • Happy, satisfied, delighted
  • Satisfied, full, great!
  • Mmmmm…. satisfied!
  • On a cloud.
  • Couldn't be happier. It brings warmth to my soul.

The most preferred way for me to cut my sandwich is:

Diagonally from corner to corner was the number one choice, followed by:

  • In half across
  • Haphazardly
  • In half from the top down

And for the piece de resistance....

Describe the best sandwich you have ever made:

  • Toasted Pane di Casa with butter, Havarti cheese with smoked salmon and capers + grilled vegetables (onions, eggplant, spinach).
  • Pane di Casa slice - Drizzle with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar - Slices of Mortadella Slices of Fresh mozzarella (the good stuff) - Roasted Red Peppers - Pane di Casa slice with Mayonnaise to top it off.  You can eat this just as it is or grilled in your Panini press.
  • Turkish bread, chicken breast, brie cheese, spinach, and granny smith apples, pressed on a Panini press
  • I make generic sub-standard sandwiches so I won't bring my sad food skills into this, but the best sandwich I've ever eaten was a pork belly sandwich, with some sort of slaw and an incredible dressing/sauce. *drools* 
  • Slow roasted warm beef with a horseradish aioli, topped with fried onions
  • Our Sunday ritual (pictured right)- clubhouse sandwich with siracha mayo, chips in the sandwich,lots of fresh veggies!
  • The Leftover - Made the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas  Toast Hot Gravy Hot Mashed Potatos Cold Turkey Meat Reheated Stuffing Mayo Toast  If leftover bacon is around. Please add liberally  Napkins and Tums recommended.
  • Tuna, red onion, pickles, mayo, cheese, spinach, tomato, avocado, pepper, cucumber
  • Mouth-watering grilled sandwich with avocado, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, cheese and turkey breast on two delicious Higher Fibre bread slices!
In addition to these creative ideas from our team, we have more inspiration for you, using a variety of different bread products!