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COBS Bread - Spirit of Giving

by Kelsey D. | Dec 13, 2016

Spirit of Giving

It’s 7:30pm at the COBS Bread bakery at Centennial Village in Okotoks, AB. The sales team is cleaning and packing up what’s left of the bread. It’s been a busy day and it’s just about time to go home. That’s usually when there’s one final knock at the door. It’s the volunteers from the Okotoks Food Bank Association, who come by the bakery at the end of the day, twice per week, to pick up the leftover bread. It is provided to those in the community who need it most.

We hear stories throughout the year from charities who are recipients of one of their local COBS Bread bakery’s End of Day Giving program. And for that, we cannot express enough our appreciation of our bakery owners, their teams, and for what they do to help those in their communities. To find out more, we reached out to our customers to hear more about how our franchisees demonstrate the Spirit of Giving.

Spirit of Giving - Heart Bread Blog

"Our school and child care centre also receive a donation of COBs Bread weekly. It would be easier for them to throw it out, yet they go the extra mile every day to pack the leftover bread up for community programs. Cobs is kind and generous and they make the best sourdough bread that I have ever tasted, and I have eaten sour dough in San Francisco!" - Lorraine L

"Our store in #Okotoks Alberta is extremely generous and involved in our community. We benefit from the End of Day Giving Program at the food bank, we pick up bread twice a week to share with our families. They (and we) appreciate it so much!" - Okotoks Food Bank Association

" Julia at the COBS in Grasslands Regina, Saskatoon is amazing! We took our brownie group there for a tour. She baked scones with the girls and [taught] them about your end of day program. The girls helped pack up the bins for our community. Julia demonstrated her passion for the quality of products our company serves and her passion for helping the community ! Well done Julia !" - Crystal P
"ASK Wellness Society is very grateful to receive donations from Cobs each week! So many come for the bread and goodies, it supports many of our programs and those who share meals together feel part of a community that cares for them! ❤ thank you Cobs!!!" - Cheryl M

" Thanks to COBS on Danforth avenue Toronto for all of the donations to Eastminster United Church to support our Out of the Cold programm every Friday night from October to April. We feed up to 150 for dinner, and house and feed breakfast to almost 50, plus lunch bags to go. Your donations have made a difference! Thank-you!" - Lee P

COBS Bread is proud to hear about stories like these where our franchise owners play a role in the community where they own their bakeries!

We would also like to acknowldege and thank all the volunteers and organizations, such as The Lookout, who help us distribute our End of Day Giving by picking up bread at the end of the day and getting it in the hands of those that need it the most. 

 If you have more stories about how your local COBS Bread bakery gives back to your neighbourhood or organization, please share them with us below.