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Behind the Bread: Brenda and Dean from Edmonton's Newest Bakery at Harvest Pointe

by Yvonne Y | Mar 28, 2017

Our newest franchisee, Brenda Bromberger, isn't new to COBS Bread. She has been with COBS Bread for many years and exemplefies what it is to be a passionate baker and COBS ambassador. It is very exciting that Brenda will now be opening her own bakery in Edmonton's growing Harvest Pointe neighbourhood.

COBS Bread Harvest Pointe Opens Wednesday, March 29th with all sales proceeds going to the Zebra Centre.

When did you join the COBS Bread family and what inspired you to do so?  

I first joined the COBS Bread team back in 2007 when I was hired as the baker/production manager of a brand new location.  After a year, another job opportunity presented itself and I took it- but during that time, I missed baking and later asked for my job back at COBS Bread.  I started back in July of 2012 and became the manager of that same location, and continued to work there for the past 4 ½ years while waiting for my own store to come to fruition in the south east corner of Edmonton.

What did you do before working at COBS Bread?

My first job after finishing high school was in a bakery.  Who knew that 33 years later, my passion for baking would still be so strong.  I have worked in many larger supermarket style bakeries over the years, managing many of the bakeries I have worked in.  When the opportunity to work in a COBS Bread presented itself, it was like my baking career was rejuvenated.  Here is a company who represents the baking trade the way in which baking should be…from scratch, with proper techniques, with high quality ingredients, and product that any baker would be proud to call their own.  Shortly after re-joining the COBS Bread family, I knew that I wanted to own my own bakery, and the journey to ownership began.

What do you enjoy the most about being a franchisee?

I am very passionate and dedicated to what I do.  After giving my heart and soul to many wonderful companies in the past, I knew it was time that all that hard work should go to my own business.  I look forward to sharing this passion with my husband and my children who will all get an opportunity to work in my world.

How are you planning on getting involved in the community?

My husband and I have been residents of the South East corner of Edmonton 20+ years.  We have raised our family here and very much look forward to sharing our passion for baking and business with our community.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most of my favourite activities revolve around family.  We love to spend time at the Lake in the summer, with swimming, water skiing, campfires and star gazing high on my list of favourites, as well as Camping, fishing, trips to the mountains and skating.