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Being Canadian

by Yvonne Y | Jun 29, 2017

This weekend, we will all be celebrating what it truly means to be Canadian - to each of us. Some of our franchisees took a moment to tell us what being Canadian meant to each of them:

Cory Hartwick - COBS Lethbridge South in AB

I love being Canadian because of everything we have in Canada- the freedom, our pride and our people.  We also have the some of the best views the world has to offer- this is me standing in a recently seeded wheat field in Southern Alberta. Not only that, it is a field from a farm that will eventually become COBS Bread flour.

I'm a proud Canadian and when I travel, I'm reminded how well we Canadians are accepted and loved all over this world. Once people know were from Canada it brings on an instant smile.  As you can see I wear our Maple Leaf with pride.


Although this write up is short, it's what I feel without writing a book on how great our country is in every corner of Canada.

Kiran, Chris and Heather - COBS Bread South Point Annex in Surrey, BC

Kiran got her citizenship in 2014 and remembered taking the big test and finding out she passed right away. “But that wasn’t the best part of the day. The day that I got my citizenship was so special- emotional. You’re in a room with people from all different walks of life, all becoming Canadian.”

Kiran looked forward to her citizenship for many reasons. “I was a single mum, and Canada gave me the opportunity to become a business woman, too. Canada is all about empowerment! To be given that chance to make something of your life against the odds. I feel blessed."

What her team has to say about being Canadian and loving Canada:

-        Everyone helps each other

-        Our health care

-        Such courteous drivers

-        Beautiful scenery-lots of outdoor activities 

-        The ocean and the mountains are about 60 min apart (at least in BC!)

Heather, Production Manager and Baker Extraordinaire

Canada is so beautiful and we are lucky to have the mountains, the beach, the dessert within hours of each other all in one country. We have all types of land in one place. It is truly amazing. 

Chris, Sales Team Lead and Customer Service Pro