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Turkish BreadTurkish Bread is an artisanal flatbread that is anything but ordinary.  Its crumb is open and airy, yet absorbs the perfect amount when dipped into oil and vinegar.  Top it with bruschetta or antipasto, or slice it thinly and make it into the perfect panini.  It will always impress and is the perfect companion – if not feature – for your entertaining spread.

Our assortment of stone-baked Turkish Breads are baked from scratch every day and available at every COBS Bread bakery.  

If you've already tried our original with Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, ask for one of these varieties at your bakery:

• Olive Turkish Bread
• Red Pepper Turkish Bread
• Jalapeno Turkish Bread
• Chilli & Garlic Turkish Bread
• Herb Turkish Bread

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What makes our Turkish Bread special?

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Simple Ingredients

Poolish is a mix of flour, water & yeast that is left to pre-ferment overnight, allowing flavour and texture to develop, and is the most important ingredient of our Turkish Bread. Olive oil and water to the dough which contributes to the open and airy crumb once the bread is baked.

Artisanal Process

The dough is shaped by hand, then filled with holes in a process called docking. Docking allows for olive oil to pool which adds to the flavour. The crispy crust? Attribute that to the stone it's baked on and the high heat!

Your most versatile bread

The end result? A bread that's perfect for dipping, topping, and filling with your favourite accompaniments. Serve it topped with bruschetta for an appetizer, create an Instagram-worthy sandwich or dip it in your favourite oils for a snack.

Check out some of our recipes below for ideas on how to serve Turkish Bread at your next meal.


Turkish Bread, with olive oil baked right into the bread, and savoury toppings such as Sea Salt & Black Pepper or Chilli & Garlic, is delicious to enjoy on its own. However, we've pulled some of our favourite recipes to help you discover all the ways to enjoy Turkish Bread. 

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