Healthy Eating

COBS Bread supports a healthy lifestyle by offering a broad range of products that contribute to healthy living. These vary from Chia Bread which is a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids to our Whole Wheat range is made with whole grain whole wheat flour to our unique Higher Fibre white bread.

COBS Bread’s health commitment can be demonstrated through the range of health attributes exemplified by our product range. Not to mention promotion of a healthy lifestyle both in our bakeries and out in the community.


  • Where possible, COBS Bread avoids using artificial colours and flavours and uses natural alternatives.
  • Where possible, COBS Bread avoids using preservatives and increases the number of products that are free from all preservatives.


  • COBS Bread is committed to providing lower salt options to consumers.
  • Salt level is considered from a functional, taste and health perspective when developing new products.

Nutrient values

  • COBS Bread actively investigates opportunities to enhance the nutritional value of bakery products.
  • Our whole wheat flour is 100% whole grain flour

Portion sizes

  • COBS Bread considers appropriate portion sizes of sweet and savoury snack items when developing new products.