Product FAQs

Is COBS Bread’s bread really baked fresh each day?

Yes, all breads are baked fresh each day, onsite at each of our bakeries. At the end of the day, all of our leftover bread is given to local charities.

Where do I find ingredient and nutrition information for COBS Bread products?

Check the nutritional panel of each product found here or ask the staff at your local bakery.

Which products do not contain any added preservatives, sugar, dairy or colour?

All of our traditional breads contain no added preservatives, sugar, dairy or colour. 

What are allergens?

Certain foods can cause severe allergic reactions in some people - this is known as anaphylaxis. Foods such as peanuts, tree nuts (e.g. cashews, almonds, walnuts), shellfish, finned fish, milk, eggs, sesame and soybeans and their products may cause severe allergic reactions. This information must be made available to customers (i.e. declared on labels or otherwise).

Are there any allergens in COBS Bread products?

The following allergenic ingredients are used in our bakeries:

  • Cereal grains containing gluten
  • Sesame seeds
  • Tree nuts
  • Soybeans
  • Milk/dairy products

Eggs are not routinely used in our bakeries; however some products do contain eggs such as our pastries.

For specific product information, please refer to the product ingredient lists on this website.

Does COBS Bread bake gluten / wheat-free breads?

COBS Bread uses wheat-based flour, therefore all products contain gluten.

Does COBS Bread bake yeast-free products?

Yeast is an important part of bread making. It ferments sugars and produces a gas which enables the bread to rise.

Baker’s yeast is in all products made at COBS, with the exception of scones which are leavened with baking powder and Pain au Levain which is leavened with wild yeast and natural starter.

Does COBS Bread bake breads containing animal fats or products?

Many breads contain ham, bacon, eggs, cheese, milk and butter including the savoury pullaparts, rolls, scones, croissants and danishes.

Some products do not contain any animal products including COBS Bread’s Traditional range and the majority of fruit breads. COBS Bread’s suppliers indicate that all emulsifiers, including Lipase and Amylase, used in products are vegetable-based. The rennet in cheese may be derived from animals or vegetables.