Summer Hamburger Buns

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Your Fresh Buns Headquarters

To make the most of your summer days, savour time with family and friends over a well-deserved picnic or BBQ. 

Choose COBS Bread's fresh Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns for your summer feasts. They're baked from scratch every day at your local bakery, with no added preservatives. Whether you're a Gourmet Burger Artist, a Super Slider Snacker or a Hurried Hot Dog Luncher, we've got a bun for whatever you're eating.

Find your local bakery to grab a pack of freshly-baked buns today.

Fresh buns - baked from scratch

COBS Bread is your fresh bun headquarters. Our buns are baked fresh daily from scratch at each bakery, with no added preservatives. From barbecues to brunches and hamburgers to hot dogs, we've got a bun for that!

Scratch-Baked Hamburger Buns

Fresh Hamburger Buns

Looking to elevate your burger? Our Gourmet Hamburger buns have just the right amount of egg to create a richer bun that's worthy of the patty you just hand-crafted. With a hint of sweetness, our Gourmet Buns are similar to a brioche bun and complement a range of proteins from deluxe beef burgers to veggie burgers.

Looking for a lighter bun? Our Traditional Hamburger Buns, are free from any added dairy, sugar or preservatives and let your fillings shine.

Freshly- Baked Hot Dog Buns

Fresh Hot Dog Buns

With our Gourmet Hot Dog Buns, hot dogs aren't just for kids' birthdays anymore - fill them with everything from ballpark franks to super-sized brats.

Baked fresh daily, our gourmet buns are baked with egg for a richer, heartier bun. 

We've also got Traditional Hot Dog Buns baked fresh daily with no added dairy, sugar or preservatives for a simpler bun.

Ciabatta Buns

Fresh Ciabatta Buns

Like all our bread, our Italian-inspired Ciabatta Buns are baked fresh daily!

As a heartier bun, these are a great option for juicy meats such as a pulled pork or an elevated sandwich like a Salmon Burger.

Store your Ciabatta Rolls in a plastic bag for a softer chewy bun or a paper bag for a crispy crust. Ciabatta Buns also double as appetizers when cubed and served with artisan oils and vinegars.

Slider Buns & Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser Breakfast Burger

Entertaining this summer? Some of our bakeries are also offering slider buns - perfect crowd-pleasers for serving to large groups. You may also find our Kaiser Rolls, a versatile bun that can be filled with everything from deli meats to burgers to breakfast staples. Check with your local bakery for availability of these select buns.

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