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Connecting with the Community

Go ahead. Help us make your day. It’s our mission to create strong connections with you and our community, and we’re proud to do that with our End of Day Giving bread donations, sponsorships and more. The franchisee or manager of your local COBS Bread bakery would be happy to talk to you about any of these programs.

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We know there a lot of options out there to help you fundraise for your school or community group- how many of them are as easy as purchasing bread from COBS as you normally would and having a percentage of the purchase go to the school? Our Dough Raiser Program does just that. Learn more about our fundraising efforts.

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At the end of the day, at every one of our bakeries across the country, our leftover products are donated to local charities.  In 2018, COBS Bread bakeries donated a combined retail value of over $35 million in bread and baked treats to charities in their neighbourhoods through our End of Day Giving program. Learn more about COBS Bread community donations.

“I’ve walked into my office to find a thank you card sitting on my desk, from someone who receives bread from a charity. When you find out who it’s going to and how much it makes a difference in their day, it reminds you how great it is that it’s a part of what you do every day.”

Ashley Logan, Franchisee
Kingston, Ontario

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Community Partnerships

Our bakery owners and managers are constantly in contact with the community through connections built through End of Day Giving, sponsorships, and more.

With the opening of each bakery comes a Community Day, where sales from an entire day are donated to a local charity. Our Community Day proceeds have benefitted hospitals, food banks, Breakfast Club of Canada, and many other community groups. Learn more about our community partnerships.

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Environmental Impact

We do our best to help the environment.  Whenever possible, we use environmentally-friendly materials like 100% recycled fibre kraft boxes and compostable wax paper. Learn More.

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