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12 Days of Breaking Bread

We have SO many ideas for fun family activities, must-try holiday recipes and ways to spread joy this holiday season. We have narrowed it down to our top 12 ideas to bring you this 12 day challenge. Read on to see what activity to do each day and tag us @cobsbread and #12daysofbreakingbread so we can see your creations!

Day 1 (Dec 14th): Build a snowman

Not just any old snowman, we want to challenge you to make a a Scones Snowman! Kind of like we did in this video. This is also a great excuse to try both of our festive flavours, Gingerbread Scone and Eggnog Scone.

Decorate your little Scones Snowmen any way you like, but if you need some ideas to start, don’t worry, we have you covered.

  • Melted chocolate: use this to draw on buttons, a face, or to use it as a glue to stick candy to it. Simply melt some chocolate in the microwave, let it cool and transfer to a piping or ziplock bag (then cut a hole so you can pipe).
  • Chocolate candy pieces like M&M’s: for buttons, eyes, or even a little hat.
  • Pretzels: these can be used for arms or even his little nose!
  • Icing sugar: once you’ve finished your design you can put a dusting of snow (icing sugar) on top.

We can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

Scone Snowman

Day 2 (Dec 15th): Try A New Recipe

Crostini’s are the perfect holiday appetizer, and we have three new recipes that you should definitely try. They are so good, we’ve even started having them for lunch!

We have the Prosciutto, Ricotta & Fig Crostini where you will get a lovely combination of salty, creamy and sweet with this crostini! Then we have the Brie, Pear & Rosemary Crostini, a great one that you often have all the ingredients in your kitchen for! It can also easily be made into a decorative cheeseboard – just add some rosemary and let everyone make their own. Lastly is the Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Crostini. A classic combination of flavours that is very easy to put together and is a big crowd-pleaser.

Let us know which is your favourite!

Holiday Crostini

Day 3 (Dec 16th): Give the Gift of a Full Belly

Today we are challenging you to the act of spreading some holiday joy – whether it is to gift a family member, a front-line worker, or a stranger. A COBS Bread Gift Card is sure to bake spirits bright. Plus, we want to give a little something to you as well – if you are feeling especially generous and buy a $25 Gift Card, we will gift you with a free loaf to redeem in January.

Gift Cards

Day 4 (Dec 17th): Write a Handwritten Letter

With everything being a bit more digital this season, we want to make sure not to lose that personal touch – today’s activity is to hand-write a letter to a loved one. This also ties into tomorrow’s activity – make sure to check back tomorrow to find out more!

Make the letter extra special and include your favourite recipe. Maybe it’s something you’ve made that reminded you of them, or perhaps it’s a favourite dinner you’ve shared together. Whatever it may be, another fun idea is to make it together over an online call!


Day 5 (Dec 18th): Create a Care Package

We have been loving all the personalised gifts we’ve seen this year and wanted to show you how you could make your very own COBS Bread care package. Use the recipe you wrote up in your letter as the base for your care package, and fill it up with the ingredients needed to create it!

See our example using the Pear, Brie & Rosemary Crostini recipe. Then, of course, we recommend adding in something special like our holiday scones, or maybe they have a favourite treat? Add that in!

Care Package

Day 6 (Dec 19th): Make Some Festive Food!

Looking for a family-fun activity to do with the kids this weekend? Arts and crafts are fun, but they’re even better when you get to eat the finished product! That’s where these cute reindeer sandwiches come in. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • COBS Bread, we’ve used Higher Fibre but you can use any of your favourite bread.
  • Pretzels to make the ears
  • Raisins, chocolate chips, or something similar for the eyes
  • Red candy, or red jam for the nose.

Tag us in your creations @cobsbread!

Reindeer Sandwiches

Day 7 (Dec 20th): Have A Decorating Day

Instead of decorating cookies, how about decorating scones! We sell both of our holiday scones without icing which means they’re the perfect blank canvas for your creations (or keep them iced for extra deliciousness). This is another great family activity. Here are some ways we’ve decorated them to give you ideas.

To make it super simple (and delicious) we’ve melted white chocolate and milk chocolate, and put those into Ziploc bags with a cut at the tip to use for piping. For the little strawberry Santa’s, you’ll need strawberries, whipped cream and mini chocolate chips or use the melted milk chocolate for eyes.

Scone Decorating

Day 8 (Dec 21st): Personalised Entertaining

We shared this post about how we are loving the idea of creating individual charcuterie boards/boxes/platters for your family this holiday. Create one today with all your favourite grazing foods and tag us @cobsbread in your creations! We love seeing your ideas as it inspires us and others in our little community to try it as well.


Day 9 (Dec 22nd): Family Bake Off

By now, you’ve likely seen how versatile this holiday staple, the French Baguette, can be. You’ve made crostini’s, might have included it in your charcuterie board and now we’re challenging you (and your families) to come up with your own recipe – be it a pizza baguette, a different crostini recipe, a sandwich, we want to see how you enjoy it! Turn it into a family bake-off for a bit of healthy competition.

Here’s how it works – everyone will have to use a French Baguette in their creation but what they make is up to them! Appetizer, main, or even a dessert, let the creativity flow.


Day 10 (Dec 23rd): Deliver treats to someone special

Our Fruit Mince Tarts are the most wonderful treat of the year and they deserve to be shared. Surprise someone special today by delivering them this treat. Or surprise 6 people with the 6-pack of tarts. It’s these small acts of kindness that will make someone’s day.


Fruit Mince Tarts

Day 11 (Dec 24th): It’s Baking Day

It’s almost the big day! We love being able to put some holiday music on and spend this day baking and cooking. This year we have the perfect dessert to end your Holiday Meal – a pavlova wreath! But this isn’t just any pavlova – sure, it has your light and chewy meringue base, whipped cream and fresh berries…. but our secret ingredient to an irresistible pavlova is to top it with some scone crumbles! We have used the Double Chocolate Scone to top ours.

Today you can make the meringue & chop the berries so that all you have to do tomorrow is whip some cream, crumble some scones and assemble! View the recipe here.

Pavlova Wreath

Day 12 (Dec 25th): Relax with Your Family

Merry Christmas! We wish you and your family a wonderful day filled with love and joy (and delicious food).

Let us take care of your breakfast so you can spend more time together this morning. This breakfast board is a great idea so that everyone can pick and choose from their favourite treats and you can put this on the table for everyone to eat as you all open presents, stockings, enjoy a family movie, or whatever your Christmas morning traditions may be. We want to help you cherish this time spent with your family, and maybe this will even start a new tradition.

Breakfast board

If you’ve played along with us for all 12 days of Breaking Bread CONGRATULATIONS! We hope this provided a bit of fun, a touch of spreading magic, and as always – fully and happy bellies.

Happy Holidays from the COBS Bread family.