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Back To School Breakfast Ideas

Back To School Breakfast Ideas

School’s back, which means a combination of early mornings and rumbly tummies. Children who don’t have breakfast in the morning are at risk of losing up to two hours of productivity every day. Make breakfast part of your morning routine with these delicious ideas!

Sweet and Savoury Toasted Breakfast Cups

Picky eaters? With these breakfast cups, it’s easy to customize different cups for different tastes. Swap in different loaves, such as our Higher Fibre for kids who prefer white bread. At the same time, line your own breakfast cups with Country Grain Loaf for the benefits of 8 grains and seeds.

Pretty much anything on toast

Growing up, toast was the go-to breakfast staple during the week – it didn’t matter if it was elementary school, high school, or even university. Whether it’s a simple spread like pumpkin seed butter or you have a need to feed your inner millennial with Avocado Toast, it’s easy to make and the toppings are endless! Need to take it to go? Slap another piece on top and make it a breakfast sandwich for easy transport. Try sprinkling Chia Seeds on top of toast for added protein like on this recipe for Toasted Chia Bread with Avocado, Tomato, and Mint.

French Toast

Sure, you could make French Toast during the week… but you don’t have to! Make a larger batch of French Toast on the weekends and freeze. Simply take out a couple slices from the freezer in the morning and pop in the toaster for a hot delicious breakfast! Try this Cinnamon French Toast recipe for an indulgent treat, or swap in a healthier loaf like Higher Fibre for a kid-friendly favourite.

Whipped cream optional, of course!

Brunch Burger with Sausage Patty and Confit Tomatoes

I know what you’re thinking – if you don’t have time to make French Toast during the week, how will you make a whole burger. Well, you won’t, but yum! This will make one heck of a brunch after a few weeks of being back at school! Plus, you can use the sausage pattie recipes to make a larger batch for easy mid-week breakfasts heated up in the toaster oven or microwave.

Breakfast for all kids

While some of these are easy ways to fit breakfast into your morning routine, not all children have access to a healthy nutritious breakfast in the mornings. 1 in 5 children are at risk of going to school hungry – this not only impacts productivity but it also negatively impacts confidence and behaviour. We’re partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada for the 5th year to support them in their mission to nourish Canadian children’s potential by making sure as many of them as possible have access to a healthy morning meal before school.

From now until September 19, visit any COBS Bread bakery in Canada to make a donation directly to The Club. Join us September 14 – 16 for our annual Breakfast Club of Canada Fundraiser when $1 from every bread purchase will be donated to The Club. Help us reach our fundraising goal of $200,000 this year! That’s 200,000 breakfasts for hungry children.

Learn more about our partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada or find your local bakery to donate!