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Back to School Meal Ideas

Whether your little ones are heading back to school in person or online, COBS Bread wants to help make your lives a little easier by providing some inspiration on our favourite easy lunch ideas. Finding things that are healthy and that your kids will eat can be a bit of challenge. Sometimes it’s a trade-off between something healthy, and something less so. With COBS nutritious loaves, it doesn’t have to be. Take your lunches from boring to bravo with some fun meal ideas below.


Italian Sandwich Stars

Make your kid’s lunch the star of the classroom show! Adding a protein, dairy and vegetable covers the main food groups and gives your child the lunch they need to succeed in the classroom.

Italian Sandwich Stars

Turkey Roll-ups

Looking for an easy way to make lunch fun for your little ones? These turkey roll ups are SO quick and easy, making them the perfect school or school-from-home lunch. To complete the lunchbox, add sliced apples, veggies or your child’s favourite snack.

Turkey Roll-Ups

Californian blt sandwich

If you need a sandwich that will have them counting down the minutes to their lunch break, the nutritious Californian BLT on our Country Grain Loaf is it! Packed with colour and full of yummy goodness this sandwich will certainly pass any hunger test. Looking to level up lunch even further? Try our Higher Fibre Loaf, it tastes just as great as our regular White Loaf, but has four times the fibre!

Californian BLT Sandwich

Cape seed turkey sandwich

Are you running out of ideas on how to make a turkey sandwich fresh and interesting? Our Cape Seed Loaf is not only nutty and full of texture, it’s packed with the nutrients of nine grains and seeds, essential for growing young bodies. Slice thick pieces for a classic smoked meat sandwich that’ll fill their belly for hours. Plus it’s part of our Family Faves range which are a collection of customer-selected, favourite loaves, treats, and snacks.

Cape Seed Turkey Sandwich


Higher fibre lunchbox buns

Lunches just got easier with our Higher Fibre Lunchbox Buns already prepackaged to take home in a 6-pack. Just as tasty as our regular white bun but with the added benefit of oat fibre, this lunchbox sized bun is just what those hungry tummies need!

Higher Fibre Lunchbox Buns 6-pack


Hoping these nutritious & delicious lunchbox ideas help you score an A from your kids!

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