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Bread Your Body & Your Family Will Thank You For

Healthy doesn’t have to mean you compromise on taste. At least not with two of our best selling healthy loaves – the Higher Fibre Loaf & Country Grain Loaf.

The Higher Fibre Loaf is great for sneaking some extra fibre into yours or your loved ones’ diet because it has the same great taste and texture of our traditional white bread, but we have managed to pack it with oat fibre so that you are getting 3X the amount of fibre than our White Loaf! Along with helping keep you and your family feeling fuller for longer, fibre is also important for our digestive health.

Higher Fibre Sandwich

Our Country Grain Loaf is loaded with 8 different types of seeds & grains – whole grain whole wheat, sesame, flax seed, sunflower, millet, rye, barley and oats. We love making sandwiches, toasting it up for breakfast, or pairing it with a hearty soup and knowing we are getting all those wholesome ingredients and 4 grams of protein in every slice! This loaf is perfect for those who like a little bit extra in each bite – think of it as breads version of crunchy peanut butter (without the peanuts!).

Country Grain Sandwich

Baked from scratch everyday, our healthy loaves are free of preservatives, dairy, and added sugar. While we can’t guarantee your new back-to-routine at home, work, or school, will be easy, we can guarantee that making healthy lunches using our sandwich loaves will be.  For healthy meal ideas you can make in under 15 minutes, click here and use your preferred loaf as your starting point for delicious lunches at home.