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Breakfast Club of Canada Fundraising Campaign

Breakfast Club of Canada Fundraising Campaign

Breakfast Club of Canada Log

When September rolls around at COBS Bread, there are a few things that we really … fall for.  September doesn’t just mean the start of a new school year. We start thinking about sandwiches – A LOT. We start drooling over the return of our Pumpkin Scones (because yes, we wait all year for pumpkin season just as much as you do), but most importantly, it’s the return of our annual Breakfast Club of Canada Fundraising Campaign.

We’re proud to partner with Breakfast Club of Canada again for the 5th year. 

What is Breakfast Club of Canada and why is it needed?

Breakfast Club of Canada Dangler - 1The Club’s mission is to nourish Canadian children’s potential by making sure as many of them as possible have access to a healthy morning meal before school and we feel just as passionate about it.

Every day, 1 in 5 Canadian children are at a risk of going to school hungry. Starting the day hungry not only negatively impacts confidence and behaviour, but also kids’ productivity. Without breakfast, children lose approximately two hours of productivity a day at school.

For 24 years, The Club has been nourishing children’s potential by partnering with school breakfast programs providing funding, food, equipment, training and support. Currently operating in 1,650 schools, The Club feeds 220,000 students every day – however, there are 500 schools on the waitlist.

Studies show that school breakfast programs, like those provided by Breakfast Club of Canada, are associated with lower body mass index, lower probability of being overweight and lower probability of obesity.

Breakfast also positively impact children’s health, including reductions in behavioural problems, anxiety and depression.

How does COBS Bread Help?

Breakfast Club of Canada Fundraiser Sticker

COBS Bread is committed to providing every Canadian child with a nutritious breakfast through our support and partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada (the Club). Since 2014, together with our customers, we’ve raised over $385,00 for The Club. That’s the equivalent of 385,000 breakfasts!

Last year alone, we raised $166,480 for Breakfast Club of Canada. This year, we want to raise $200,000 for The Club through customer donations and our weekend fundraiser from September 14 – 16 when $1 from every loaf will go to Breakfast Club of Canada

Our End of Day Giving Program is another way that COBS Bread supports The Club. Through the program, all unsold product at the end of the day is donated to local charities in the community including Breakfast Club of Canada’s school breakfast programs. Currently, there are 61 schools receiving loaf donations from bakeries.

How can you help?

There are three ways you can help to support Breakfast Club of Canada this September!

  1. Stop by any COBS Bread bakery in Canada from August 31 – September 19 to make a donation directly to The Club.
  2. Donate to Breakfast Club of Canada online
  3. Visit any COBS Bread bakery from September 14 – 16, when $1 from every bread purchase will go to Breakfast Club of Canada!

1 Loaf = $1 = 1 Breakfast for a hungry child

Learn more about Breakfast Club of Canada or find your local bakery to donate.

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