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Celebrate National Picnic Month

The sun is finally out (at least sometimes), the nights are long, and the weekends are packed with family activities. What better way to enjoy summer together than by celebrating National Picnic Month! One of the best things about picnics is that you can have them anywhere – cart the family to the beach or the park, revel in your own backyard or even lay out your feast on a blanket in the living room for an indoors picnic when the rain hits.

Inspired by Carey McBeth’s appearance on Global TV, we’ve pulled our top five favourite things for a perfect picnic!

1) Something for the kids (or the kids at heart)

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Nerf Balls, water guns or those wacky neon-Velcro-hand-catcher-things! If you plan to keep it a bit mellow, a magnetic board game will keep everyone entertained and the pieces stay put when the wind picks up. (No opportunity to flip the board if you’re losing though – sorry!)

2) Paper (or reusable) Straws

Hot Dogs and Paper Straws

Good-bye disposable plastic straws, hello paper! These guys are not only better for the environment, but they add a fun splash of colour to your picnic.

3) Festive Drinks

If you’ve got the fancy straws, you’ll want a fancy drink. Start with a base of sparkling water, then add a splash of juice or berries for a summer treat. For a Summer Squeeze Libation, check out this idea from Instagrammer Viranlly, made with freshly squeezed blood oranges and slices of lemon and strawberry. Top it off with sparkling water.

Summer Squeeze Libation with Blood Orange

4) Sunscreen

“Hot enough for ya?” Despite the bad cliches, the summer sun is the real deal – even if it’s cloudy! Don’t forget the sunscreen! An essential at every (outdoor) picnic.

5) Food, Food, Food!

Ciabatta Sandiwches at Picnic - 1080

(And more food). There’s one thing all picnics have in common… food! One of our top choices for picnics is the trusty Ciabatta Roll. These buns hold up even if you make your sandwiches the night before. Try it in this Italian Sandwich as featured by Carey McBeth on Global TV. Slice a Ciabatta Roll in half and layer with three types of Italian meat. Our favourites are Prosciutto, Salami and Capicola. Top with roasted red peppers, bocconcini and balsamic glaze. Finish off the sandwich with the freshness of arugula!

If you have access to a portable grill, you’ll want to try this amazing Baked Brie-Schetta recipe from Napoleon Grills. The tomato-based topping is quick to make at home ahead of time, while brie is easy to melt on site during your picnic.

Baked Brie-schetta - 1080 x 1080

Finish your day with something a little sweet. Danishes are the freshly baked treat that scream summer when topped with seasonal fruit like Wild Blueberries, whole raspberries or the refreshing tang of lemon and coconut.

Freshly Baked Fruit Danishes

Find your local bakery to get fresh treats for your picnic, or visit Napoleon Grills for more grilling recipes and barbecue tips.

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