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National Hot Dog Day

Did you know that all during the month of July we celebrate the humble Hot Dog Bun? With National Hot Dog Day being celebrated on July 21 this year we want to help you create the ultimate DIY Hot Dog Board to share with family and friends. Want to be the ‘Top Dog’ at the BBQ this summer then follow our 4 simple steps to hot dog happiness.

Step 1: Pick up your freshly baked Gourmet Hot Dog Buns and Herb & Garlic Gourmet Hot Dog Buns from your local COBS Bread (Open daily all summer long)

Step 2: Beef, pork, turkey or veggie hot dogs? Choose one or choose them all, whichever you select just make sure they’re hot and there’s plenty of them! Most prefer their hot dogs grilled however you can also boil, steam, microwave or even pan fry your hot dogs.

Step 3: Try all the toppings! While the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes that is a real thing!) advise that only people aged under 18 should place ketchup on their hot dog and report that mustard is the most loved condiment for hot dog lovers we say why stop there? Fill your Gourmet Hot Dog Bun with relish, onions, salsa, cheese or pickles. For an even more interesting mix try some jalapenos with some blue cheese on our Herb and Garlic Hot Dog Bun to truly treat your taste buds.

Step 4: Admire your daring DIY hot dog creation and then eat & enjoy. Repeat steps 1-4 as often as necessary…or as far your waistband allows!

Looking for some more inspiration for your hot dog making?

We’ve created two unique recipes this summer for all our hot dog loving fans.

First up we have the Gourmet Hot Dog – Filled with beer-braised sausage, veggies and your choice of mustard to create a rich and full-flavoured BBQ treat that’s sure to be a red-hot ‘wiener’ all summer long.

Garden Hot Dog

Not forgetting about our meat-free lovers we’ve created the Beyond Sausage® Garden Hot Dog which might just be the best vegetarian hot dog we’ve seen. Loaded with flavour with thanks to our Herb & Garlic Gourmet Hot Dog Bun and bursting with vegetables and toppings this recipe is a real crowd pleaser.


Celebrating Hot Dog Month? Share your DIY hot dog creations with us on social @cobsbread

Ps. Why did the dachshund have to sit in the shade? … Because it was a hot dog!