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Doughnation Day Q&A


Our fourth annual Doughnation Day is back on Saturday March 2nd, and we’re fundraising for over 100 great causes around the nation. Giving back has never tasted so good.

Q: What is Doughnation Day?

On Saturday, March 2nd, COBS Bread will donate $2 from every 6-pack of hot cross buns sold to support local charities in your community.

Q: How can I help donate to my local charity?

A: Simply pick up a 6-pack of hot cross buns in bakery on March 2nd OR tap your card to donate in bakery. All donations will go back to the same local charity.

Q: What flavours of hot cross buns do you sell?

We sell three delicious flavors; Traditional Fruit, Cranberry Orange and Apple Cinnamon.

Q: I don’t like hot cross buns, can I still help and donate?

A: Yes! You can add a donation at the point of purchase, to the bakery’s local community charity, at your local COBS Bread Bakery. You can do this anytime you’re in one of our bakeries.

Q. Where can I find my nearest COBS Bread?

A: You can find one of our 170+ bakeries by typing in your location here. Offering traditional sandwich breads, artisanal loaves and smart indulgences, COBS Bread focuses on helping you bring high quality, healthy and delicious baked goods into your home.

Q: What happens to all your bread products at the end of the day?

A: We bake all of our products fresh every day and then we give fresh every night, so every bread (and treat) finds a home. At the end of every day, our bakeries donate the unsold goods to local charitable programs. Dedicated volunteers then visit our bakeries to pick up the unsold bread and baked goods which they distribute to local charities. With daily needs for food in every city, and growing food waste concerns, each of our locations proudly donates their unsold products.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Crumbs.

Giving back to your community on Doughnation Day is another reason to love COBS Bread hot cross buns.