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Easy Holiday Entertaining

Celebrate un-expected +1’s this holiday season with easy recipes that will get you through the festive madness.

We’ve all been there: that cousin who wants to come drop off the kids’ present in person, the neighbour who mentioned they want to come over to see your newly renovated bathroom, or that friend who wants to bring their new significant other to your Christmas party tomorrow – ‘tis the season for un-expected+1’s. The solution? Easy treats for all!

Holiday Jam & Brie French Baguette

What’s the simplest French Baguette recipe you can do in a pinch for that friend who just so happened to be in the neighbourhood? Our French Baguette with brie and holiday jam adds an inspiring touch of spiced holiday jam with the creaminess of brie to make for a delicious, easy appy you can whip up in 15 minutes.

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Crostini 2 Ways

Nothing says “oh, you shouldn’t have” like delighting your guests with 2 different types of crostini.

The Radish Butter Crostini is the perfect bite of something peppery and velvety with the addition of radish, butter and pepper mixed together and topped on our French Baguette.

Radish Butter Crostini

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The Lemony Feta Crostini will bring your guests back to warmer days with the zest of marinated feta and a twist with red pepper flakes.

Lemony Feta Crostini

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Gingerbread Scone Affogato

Ginger Bread Scone Affogato

And for that freshly baked dessert you don’t have to freshly bake, sweeten your guests up with a Gingerbread Scone Affogato. It’s as simple as coffee-flavoured gelato, espresso, and our Gingerbread Scones combined together a tasty holiday dessert.

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This season, celebrate warming their hearts (and their bellies!) with COBS’ festive treats for all. Visit your local bakery for your last minute holiday needs.