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Every Soup Needs A Best Friend

It’s all in the title – every soup needs a best friend. By that we mean bread. Every soup needs some bread to accompany it, and as it is National Soup Month we couldn’t resist sharing our favourite ways to dip, top, or scoop up our soup!


Grilled Cheese

Starting with the greatest side dish: the grilled cheese sandwich! If we’re being honest, sometimes we make soup JUST for an excuse to have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. We’ll let you decide which is the real “side dish” when you pair your soup with one of these.

We have three different recipes you can try



A classic that will always be a great option – toast! Some nights, there just isn’t enough time to prepare a long dinner and with delicious bread, who needs it?! Simply pop your favourite loaf in the toaster, add some butter (or not) and enjoy scooping up your soup.

If you aren’t sure which bread to use, why not try one of our customer-selected Family Fave loaves. Take a look at them here.


Cheesy croutons

If you haven’t seen how we like to use cheesy croutons, take a quick look at this French Onion Soup! Cheesy croutons are so easy to make – simply pop some cheese on your favourite bread, roll, or baguette, then broil it in your oven until melted and gooey. We love putting cheesy croutons on top to soak up the soup, and to get a taste of everything in each bite.


Parmesan soldiers

Or maybe you prefer your cheesy bread on the side? Not a problem! We have you covered with that option too. We have paired our parmesan soldiers with this deliciously creamy Cauliflower Soup, but the best part is that this can go with ANY soup you make.


Bread Bowl

Last but most certainly not least, this is the ultimate soup & bread pairing – using a cob, bun or roll as a bread bowl like we did with our Pumpkin Soup. We especially love using sourdough for an extra rich and wonderful taste.


We’d love to see what you pair with your soups – maybe it’s something new that’s not on our list! Tag us @COBSBread when you share your next picture so we get notified! And keep your eye out on our social pages for more recipes and tips on the best ways to use bread.