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Five Fun Facts About Cinnamon Buns

Five Fun Facts About Cinnamon Buns

It’s National Cinnamon Bun Day on October 4th and we will take any opportunity we can to celebrate and post multiple mouth-watering photos of one of our favourite baked treats. We’ve pulled five fun facts about Cinnamon Buns, so have a seat, grab a bun and unwind.

1. At COBS Bread in Canada, we call them Cinnamon Buns, although our USA location calls them Cinnamon Rolls. In Denmark, however, they might be referenced as Cinnamon Snails. Um, no thanks – I’ll take ‘bun’ any day!

Cinnamon Buns - 1080
2. The best part of the Cinnamon Bun might just be the cream cheese icing. (Okay, that’s probably just me and a few other sugar-fiends.) But in Sweden, where it has been suggested the Cinnamon Bun originated, they are just topped with sugar.

Cinnamon Buns - 1080
3. Last year on Cinnamon Bun Day, we sold nearly 10,000 Cinnamon Buns – that’s a lot of Cinnamon!

Cinnamon Buns with Icing - 1080

4. While Cinnamon Buns might not be a health food per se, cinnamon spice contains manganese, dietary fibre, calcium, iron, and zinc – so, at least they have some health benefits!Cinnamon Bun with Cream Cheese Icing 10805. Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! We bake all our Cinnamon Buns from scratch, every single day. At the end of the day, all unsold products go to local charities in the community.

Find your local bakery to pick up your Cinnamon Buns to celebrate national Cinnamon Bun Day!


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