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Five ways to make back to school lunch fun!

Five ways to make back to school lunch fun

Fresh crayons with no broken tips, crisp notebooks just waiting for the first stroke of a pen, scuff-free sneakers… it must be back to school time. Planning school lunches is part of the daily routine, but just because it’s routine, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We’ve got five tips to help make lunch interesting for the little learners this September.

1. Involve the kids in prep

Get them involved and interested in what’s for lunch! We’ve all read that kids are more likely to eat dinner when they have a hand in prepping it. The same can go for lunch.! Have them help make lunch the night before and share fun facts with them about food. For example, there are eight grains and seeds in our Country Grain Loaf, or that apples are actually part of the rose family!

2. Cute (and reusable) utensils

Who doesn’t love cute kitchen accessories? Ditch the disposable utensils by packing kid-friendly reusable forks or chopsticks. Don’t want to buy something new? Old utensils and small toys paired with a glue gun will do the trick!

3. Make sandwiches fun

Sandwiches can be so… square. Mix it up by using cookie cutters or using skewers to turn sandwich fixings into kabobs!

Bring Back the Bento

Bento Boxes are fun, colourful, and not just for kids! Make these Turkey Roll-Up Sandwiches with colourful veggie sticks or use silicone muffin cups to separate bite-sized crackers (okay fine, Goldfish Crackers) or small treats. Don’t forget about your own lunch! Packing a box of high protein snacks and easy finger foods, like veggie sticks and home-made hummus, makes it easy to stay nourished throughout the day, whether you’re rushing from daycare to soccer practices or sneaking a bite between meetings. 

An extra surprise

You can put more than just food into a lunch box. Sure ‘Dad jokes’ can be totally groan-worthy,  but adding food-related jokes can be just the pick me up a kid needs after a long morning. We’ve got a couple to get you started. 

  • Why did the orange stop half-way across the road? He ran out of juice!
  • What happens to grapes when you step on them? They Whine!
  • Why was the strawberry so upset? Because it was in a jam!
  • What did the butter say to the bread? I’m on a roll!

Looking for the perfect back to school sandwich loaf? Our Higher Fibre Loaf is the go-to loaf for white bread lovers – it has four times the fibre of our Traditional White Loaf, but tastes the same! Looking for extra protein? Our Country Grain Loaf is packed with 4 grams of protein per slice and is a source of fibre. Find your local bakery to pick up healthy bread to get ready for the school year.