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French Toast Trio

French Toast Trio

There’s something comforting about taking a slice of bread and transforming it into French Toast. Fresh from the pan and topped with anything from a refreshing serving of berries to a rich Ricotta Whipped Cream, the bread used in your favourite French Toast recipe is just the start!

We’ve got 3 French Toast recipes to take this weekend’s brunch to the next level.

1. Healthy French Toast

When using a loaf like our Country Grain and going light with the butter in the pan, it’s easy to make French Toast a healthy option for breakfast. That’s what our favourite Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Dang, did with this recipe! For a topping that’s both satisfying and healthy, try topping this morning meal with Greek Yogurt, fresh fruit and a dash of Maple Syrup.

2. Ricotta Cinnamon French Toast

If you haven’t tried Ricotta Whipped Cream, this is the perfect weekend to try it out. Light, indulgent and just sweet enough that you can still get away with adding maple syrup on top! It’s not just the whipped cream that makes your mouth sing with this recipe – using our Cinnamon Loaf in any French Toast recipe is a guarantee to get your guests drooling.

3. Grilled French Toast

Are you the person that laughs at the question “When do you take your barbecue out after winter?”, because you just never put it away? If so, this recipe is for you. That’s right, Napoleon Grills has supplied us with a way to grill your French Toast.

Grilled French Toast by Napoleon Grills

4) Bonus: Brioche French Toast Muffins

Doris Gnandt created an awesome recipe for us that incorporates our seasonal Cranberry Orange Brioche into a French Toast Muffin recipe, but we were so busy eating, we forgot to take photos!

Try out this recipe for an easy option that lets you prep the night before – then take some pictures and share them with us by tagging @COBSBread on Facebook and Instagram.

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