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Fun Family Holiday Activities

The Holiday’s are a special time of the year when you can gather with friends and family, share in traditions, and not feel guilty about eating an entire box of treats in one sitting! We’ve compiled some fun ideas for family friendly activities over the Holiday Season.

Baking Holiday Treats

Getting the family together in the kitchen is a sure fire way to enjoy the Holiday Season. Whether you engage in a cookie making bake-off or simply decorate some store bought goodies, every age can get involved with this festive activity. Want to step it up a notch? Choose an ingredient like ginger and see what baked good the family comes up with. If time is of the essence you can always purchase our festive gingerbread scones and have a decorating competition instead!

Holiday Decorating

Get those festive sweaters on and start decorating the house for the Holidays. Give each member of the family a room to target and see who can use the most festive ornaments the fastest. This activity gets the kids busy and the parents get a helping hand. Don’t want to give full control over the house? Start with the tree and see how the family goes with adding lights and baubles. Another option is to take a walk or drive with the family and wonder at the best lights in the neighborhood. All of the satisfaction and cheer with none of the work involved.

Family Games Night

Cosy up by the fire and get the mayhem started with a family games night. Bonus points if all the family are wearing matching Holiday PJs. Got a puzzle you want to put together? Divide and conquer with the whole family. Frame it afterwards as proof of your hard work. Pictionary – Holiday style – is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Inflatable reindeer hat ring toss is another game that brings all the festive feels. All those games can build up an appetite. Make sure to have some easy Holiday appetizers on hand for those snacking moments. From crostini to cheese boards, and dips, COBS’ French Baguette is ready to serve.

Holiday Movie Night

Whether it’s watching the classics like Miracle on 34th Street or picking a new Netflix favourite the Holidays wouldn’t be complete without a family movie night. Can’t decide what to watch? Get everyone to choose their favourite Holiday movie and pick the winning movie from a hat. Don’t forget to complete the evening with some hot chocolate and some holiday treats. COBS Bread fruit mince tarts are the perfect companion to a feel-good night in.

Community Giving

Contributing to our community is a part of the day-to-day at COBS Bread. This Holiday Season get the family involved with your local community. Whether you donate to your local food bank, donate new/used clothes/toys to local charities or lend a hand with community initiatives it’s important to remember that the Holidays aren’t just about receiving. Make it an annual tradition and pick the same charity each year to help or get the whole family involved by getting each member to pick a different charity closest to their heart each year.


COBS Bread is ready to meet all your Holiday taste buds needs.

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Celebrate the season. Just add friends, family, and catching up on a whole entire year.