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Giving Back to School with COBS Bread!

If our bakeries could get a report card based on their Community Support, they’d get an A++! Some of them you could even say are over-achievers, or teacher’s pets. Well that’s just fine with us because over achieving in being amazing supporters of schools is exactly what we want to be! Here are some of the ways COBS Bread helps out schools and the community.

Let’s call upon COBS Bread Sherwood Centre, in Sherwood Park, Alberta to see how they score for Back to School Giving. This bakery excels in Dough Raisers, Donations, and overall Student Approval!

Check out this Back to School Giving report card!

Number of Schools they support 20 +
Fundraising Effort A+
Student Approval A+

Kalvin, the bakery owner, has more than 20 schools on the Dough Raiser Program. That means that when parents, students, or just about anyone mentions a participating school’s name at the bakery, 5% of that sale is donated back to the school. The school receives a cheque at the end of the year that they can put towards things like new equipment, uniforms, field trips or supplies.

Being so closely connected to the local schools means that Kalvin and his bakery team have a great relationship with the community. When there is something exciting going on that requires fresh donations, the schools contact Kalvin! When they need prizes and a fundraising tactic, Kalvin is their guy! In return, the bakery receives lots of ‘Thank You’ letters from parents, teachers, and students that have benefitted from the generosity.

For overall student approval, COBS Bread Sherwood Centre gets an A+. The fresh Pizza Buns and gooey Cinnamon Buns are a hit! Kalvin makes a point to deliver the baking donations himself so he can see all the kids, and teachers, get excited!

With back to school just around the corner, now is the time to contact your local COBS Bread about your school partnering with COBS Bread.