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Grilling tips for bbq season

Grilling Tips for BBQ Season

May is National Barbecue Month and Victoria Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer. That means cleaning off the barbecue and lighting up the grills!

We’ve got 5 tips  (and 1 recipe!) from Andrea Alden at Napoleon Grills to get you fired up this weekend.

1. Clean Up Your Act

Always start with a clean grill. You don’t have to clean the grill right after you’re done cooking on it. Though it’s preferable to give the grill a quick brush while it’s still hot, it is okay to leave the mess. Just remember to turn that heat up to high and burn off last night’s mess, then brush the residue away before you start your next meal.

bbq on the beach

2. Tis the Season to Season

Seasoning should be done for both cast iron and stainless steel cooking grids. It’s recommended that you season your grids before your first cook when the grill is new, at the beginning and end of the season, and once every fifth grilling session. It is as simple as rubbing everything down with a high-temperature fat –like coconut oil or peanut oil – and heating the grids to between 350°F and 400°F for 30 minutes to an hour.

bbq grilling tips

3. Pre-Heat Things Up

Preheating the grill is the best way to ensure that you get that sear. It also gives your grill time to warm up, creating the perfect space to place your food, whether you’re using direct or indirect heat. A hot grill also helps prevent food from sticking. When properly seared a crust is formed between the grids and the food that will allow the food to release from properly seasoned cooking grids when the time is right for flipping.

seasoning lamburgers

4. Avoid Cross Contamination

Preventing food-related illness is as easy as using fresh tongs and plates after you’ve used them to transfer any raw meats onto the grill. If you need to reuse your implements, then wash them with soap and water first. You should also avoid cutting different raw meats on the same cutting board, or using the same cutting board for side dishes after cutting meat. Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling any raw meats as well.

5. Give it a Rest

As soon as the meat comes off the grill, no matter what it is, give it at least five, if not fifteen minutes to rest and relax before slicing or serving. A good steak loses up to 13% of its weight in juices while you grill. If left unrested, an additional 9% of weight is lost from juices when you slice into it. You can minimize that loss to only 2% just by resting that steak for ten minutes after grilling. Besides, waiting builds anticipation. Imagine how amazing your meal will taste if you just give it an extra ten minutes.

Now that your grill is ready for the season, try out our Double Decker Brisket Burger!

Double Decker Brisket Burger 1080

Happy Grilling from Napoleon Grills! 

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