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Head Baker David gets a Breaducation

Head Baker David gets a Breaducation!

We are celebrating September with our Breaducation Campaign! It highlights our healthy bread options that prepare kids for the busy days ahead of them. For this campaign’s photoshoot we invited kids of COBS employees into our test kitchen with Head Baker, David. The young rising bakers were Chase, Eesha, and David’s own children Lucas and Lydia.

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David really wanted to share his passion for bread and show the love and care that goes into each COBS Bread product. He also shared his favourite childhood sandwich recipe – The Dill Pickle – as he called it: Mayonnaise, pickles, and cheese between two pieces of Whole Wheat.

David took the young bakers through the scratch baking process that is used in all COBS Bread bakeries. The kids learned how bakers combine the raw ingredients – flour, yeast, salt, and water – to create delicious and healthy loaves. The young bakers loved manipulating the dough, feeling the different textures, pulling it, and shaping it into a unique loaf.

A special one-time only “Breaducate Loaf” was created during the shoot using the Country Grain dough as the base. The kids were able to choose how much of each grain and seed they wanted to add. Probably the most exciting part of the day was watching the bread rise as it baked, and watching the kids’ expression as they sampled the final product.

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Advice From the Head Baker

Here’s advice from David, the father of two kids who get excited when he brings home a COBS Bread Sunflower Flax Sourdough Loaf. “Get your kids to eat healthy bread while they’re young. One way to do that is with the Higher Fibre Loaf. Or stick with their favourite sandwich recipe, even if it is The Dill Pickle, but use a healthier choice of bread, like the Country Grains.”

Thanks again to David, and our rising bakers Chase, Eesha, Lydia, and Lucas for helping us capture this Breaducational moment!

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