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Hot cross bun 101; the low down on our expert-baked hot cross buns

Here at COBS Bread our delicious, freshly baked hot cross buns are back in bakeries nationwide. When it comes to quality, our hot cross buns are simply unequalled. Some may even say they’re “scrumptious”, “brilliant” or “divine!”. They’re made from scratch the traditional way with the finest baking process and expertise. Queen Elizabeth I even thought hot cross buns were soo good they should be banned. Thankfully, deliciousness prevailed.

You can pick up our expert-baked hot cross buns in 4 scrumptious flavours:

  1. Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Bun: Filled with raisins, currants and mixed spice, they’re perfect for a breakfast treat. These pillowy hot cross buns are only available in the spring so get them while they’re hot! The recipe for COBS Bread’s “original” Hot Cross Bun traversed the ocean (without getting soggy) in 2003 from parent company Bakers Delight, located in Australia. In fact, the recipe has been in use by five generations of bakers. We think it’s got staying power.
  2. Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun: Our Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun is a fresh take on a favourite tradition! Toasting these pillowy hot cross buns and adding a little butter is exactly how new traditions start. Made delicious by COBS circa 2017, this un-traditional hot cross bun is the modern flavour on the block all the kids are talking about, bursting with juicy red apples, and good ol’ cinnamon is just what the millennial ordered!
  3. Cranberry Orange Hot Cross Bun: In 2014, our friendly COBS baker decided to put an unexpected twist on the hot cross bun by adding plump cranberries and a sweet orange zest. Long and behold, this twist is still a family fave in the house during hot cross bun season. Warm them up in the oven to fill your house with the smell of fresh baking. Go ahead, tell everyone you made these yourself!

4. NEW! Triple Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun: Hey Chocoholics! It’s 2022 and your favourite Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun just got even better! Three times better in fact. Indulge and satisfy your chocolate cravings with creamy dark, milk & white chocolate chips packed into our delicious hot cross bun. We’ve tripled the yum and this is our sweetest bun yet!


Hot cross buns are so versatile, enjoy them with high tea, or devour them in the parking lot. Enjoy them as is, or create unique recipes from them. We have both sweet and savoury taste buds covered with our Hot Cross Bun French Toast or our Baked Brie with Pancetta, Thyme and Honey served with Hot Cross Bun Crostini. Share with loved ones or love them all to yourself!


Hot Cross Bun French Toast


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