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Hot Cross Bun Recipes

Hot Cross Buns, Make them your own!

Hot Cross Buns are delicious anyway you choose to enjoy them! We’ve got all the recipes you need to take your hot cross buns from simple to simply amazing. From easy toasted delights, to a delicious French Toast, there is something for whole family to enjoy!

Hot Cross Bun Toppers: Looking for something quick and easy? Our hot cross buns are delicious on their own, or even with the addition of your favourite jam. Check out some of our favourite pairings with the Hot Cross Bun Toppers.

hot cross bun on a plate

Hot Cross Buns with Brie, prosciutto and fig chutney: Enjoy your hot cross buns in sandwich form with this flavourful recipe featuring prosciutto and fig chutney. This recipe is easy to make and will leave you thinking about it for the rest of the day. The Cranberry Orange Hot Cross Bun pairs perfectly with the creamy brie and slightly salty prosciutto.

hot cross bun small sandwiches with brie, prosciutto, fig, chutney

Hot Cross Bun French Toast: Any chance to make French Toast, take it! Using our Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns, this recipe will have your family licking their plates clean! Ready in under 15 mins, it can double as a breakfast AND dessert!

hot cross bun french toast

Hot Cross Bun Toasted Delight: Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack with your favourite tea, the Hot Cross Bun Toasted Delight will not disappoint! This recipe features a perfectly balanced combination of raspberries, honey, vanilla, and ricotta cheese on top of our Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns.Hot cross bun toppers

Hot Cross Bun Breakfast Sandwich: For this delicious and tasty recipe, take the classic breakfast sandwich but with a seasonal twist and enjoy it in a Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Bun. Whether you like scrambled eggs or sunny side up, give your breakfast sandwich a seasonal makeover.

hot cross bun breakfast sandwich on a plate

Baked Brie with Pancetta Thyme and Honey with Hot Cross Bun Crostini: Take your hot cross buns from simple to simply amazing and enjoy them as a crostini! We love this take on hot cross buns, making them perfect for an appetizer or a tasty snack. This recipe features an irresistible baked brie topped with pancetta, but the star is the hot cross bun crackers!

hot cross bun crostini with baked brie with pancetta, thyme, and honey on a board

Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding: Is the day even complete without dessert? This delicious Bread & Butter Pudding is the perfect way to cap off your day! This yummy dessert is mouth-watering and features our fluffy Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns.

hot cross buns butter pudding

Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Parfait: This chocolate parfait is a must-try for chocolate lovers. A delicious chocolate parfait paired with our Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Buns is just what you need to fix those sweet tooth cravings.

hot cross bun dessert mouse in a cup on a table

We’d love to see how you get creative with our hot cross buns. Or if you make one of these hot cross bun recipes be sure to share and tag us in it! Choose from three different flavours, Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Bun, Cranberry Orange Hot Cross Bun, and Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun and make them your own!