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International Women’s Day – Meet our newest women owned bakeries

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and we’re proud to acknowledge the amazing women in our bakeries. The numbers of Canadian women entrepreneurs is growing¹ and in honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we wanted to highlight the women entrepreneurs who opened COBS Bread bakeries over the last 12 months. We asked Silvi, Steff, Kate, Lisa, and Sandra what they love about being bakery owners.

What do you love about being a bakery owner at COBS Bread?

Owner: Silivi stermasi

Bakery: Heartland Town Centre – Mississauga, Ontario

There are many reasons why I love COBS Bread! I love the ability to be able to impact my local community through our End of Day Giving Program and various bakery-led community initiatives we host and participate in. COBS Bread has a very comprehensive training program in comparison to other franchises that helps to ensure that new franchisees are set up for success. It is so exciting for us to see our network of passionate and motivated franchisees making their dreams a reality.


Owner: Steff Steers

Bakery: Blackstone – Waterloo, Ontario; Fairway Plaza – Kitchener, Ontario; The Boardwalk – Waterloo, Ontario

I love what I do. The excitement of opening a new bakery fuels me. I love building a new team, I love meeting new customers. My recipe for success is operational excellence in everything we do. We have a purpose statement banner posted for the team at all of our bakeries. For Blackstone, our purpose statement is above and beyond delightful.


Owner: Kate uchendu

Bakery: morningside crossing – scarborough, ontario

I love the fact that COBS Bread has a Community Day and End of Day Giving program. Now I’m able to do what I love – give back to the community while running my own business.


Owner: lisa mitchell

Bakery: big bay point – barrie, Ontario

I look forward to meeting the local community everyday and forming lasting relationships with our customers.


Owner: sandra janzen

Bakery: union square – windsor, Ontario

I love that as a bakery owner, I have already had a tremendous impact within our community. We raised over $6,000 to support the Windsor Regional Hospital and have provided the best quality bread to families and others in need through our partnership with the Unemployment Help Centre. It is amazing for me and my team to give back and support our community.


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