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Introducing Our Newest, Plant-Based Mini Pizza!

We have seen an overwhelming demand for plant-based alternatives which is why our newest product launch is so exciting!

We have partnered with two amazing plant-based companies – Beyond Meat® and Nabati™ – to bring you this delicious plant-based Beyond Sausage® Arrabbiata Mini Pizza. The new mini pizza pairs Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Italian Crumbles®, Nabati™ plant-based cheeze, roasted red pepper, and some chili flakes for a bit of heat on our crispy, fermented, Turkish dough base.

Nabati™ was founded in Edmonton, AB. They believe that the most mouth-watering foods can still be healthy. That’s why they create delicious foods and treats of natural, plant-based ingredients they know that everyone loves. We have finally found a worthy alternative to dairy cheese. Nabati plant-based cheese raises the bar and gives you that same great, cheesy taste as well as that envious melted cheese finish (seriously, it melts to perfection)! What more could you ask for?!

Beyond Meat has quickly become a household name for their quality of juicy, plant-based proteins      and the Beyond Sausage Italian Crumbles are no exception! Beyond Meat creates plant-based meats with intention, delivering the meaty experience you crave from traditional pork sausage while offering the added nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based protein.      Their mission is to shift from animal to plant-based meat in the hopes of positively impacting growing global issues such as human health, climate change and constraints on natural resources and animal welfare.

This pizza is also a great option for all pizza lovers out there!

See what some of our customers are saying about the new mini pizza.

“Um WOW, this pizza is bomb. You really can’t tell that it is plant based, it was super flavourful and the cheese was FANTASTIC.”

“I could probably eat three of these on my own!”

“This new addition is the perfect mini pizza for 2021 and is everything we ever needed this year!”

“This is a match made in heaven.”

“Even though it is plant-based, it just tasted like a regular pizza, and that’s what I love most about it! This is definitely worth trying if you love plant-based foods or if you’re looking to try something different!”


Are you drooling yet? You can order yourself our Beyond Sausage® Arrabbiata Mini Pizza here, and don’t forget to let us know what you thought by tagging us @COBSBread.